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For Mummy Papa…

Each one of us is born with a desire to do something… something unique in our own way… to make a change… it may be big or small… but it’s huge for each one of us, since we think we were born to do this!

But we all know that there’s always one winner in a race, at least this is what we have been told! But what about the other players? What if they broke their own records and instead of celebrating they were just ignored? Similar to a race, this happens in our life too! We miss celebrating the efforts of most important people in our life who are doing their best each day, but we do not notice them because for us there are other champions who we think are the best role models for us! Sadly, these ignored group of people are known as parents! We all or most of us in our life have once ignored our parents and this poetry is for them…and for us…to remember their roles in our life…the importance of their life…their heroic acts and their sacrifices!

 You had a dream to buy a house 
You had a dream to build a business
You had a dream to travel to a foreign land
You had a dream which sadly came to an end
Because I was born!
You had a dream to buy a sport bike and be a racer
You had a dream to have wardrobe full of suits and blazers
You had a dream to follow your passion
But then I came, to put you in depression!
For few of you, I was a planned nightmare
And for few, a happy surprise in disguise
Few fought, few celebrated
And few of you, also left me deserted.
But most of you never complained about having me
For you, I became the reason for your smile
With me, your choices changed and so changed your priority
Making me happy became your duty.

This is not only for the ones who gave me birth
But also for the ones who were there after I was born
For the ones who I may not call papa mummy
But these are the ones who filled my empty tummy.
Also for the ones who played the role of two
Lucky are us who got a parent like you
Also for the ones who fought to keep me alive
I am sorry I ignored you most of the times!
If I am the reason for your happiness
I am the reason of your tension too
Your own clothes, bags and shoes can be old
But for me you wanted everything to be new.
From Hospital, school, to marriage and travel
The list of the things that you have done for me never ends
With me, something more has grown with time
And that is the amount of your bills
I can never think of doing so much for another person
Even the thought of this gives me chills!
I love you! I know I have never said this to you
And you have never said to me
But we both know that we do.
For not acknowledging your doings till now,
I know this poetry is nothing, but a small tribute to you.
 I have messed up so many times
Cried a lot, ruined your clothes and stole your sleep
Asked you to play silly games with me
And dance on baba black sheep.
You never said NO! You never denied!
It was me who was ashamed of you a few times
And wanted to hide!
But I was a kid back then
I had no idea how important you are!
I had no idea what you have done for me!
And how would be life without you!
But now I understand, there never was, and never will be anyone like you!
Once the child is born, parents find it difficult to find time for themselves,
Few mothers have to leave their jobs and few have to work as well as manage their home,
And few fathers come back home from office to only see their child sleeping,
It is not about how much time you invested; you had to because I was your own part,
But you missed so much from your life, to finally let me go far apart.
Thank you so much for making me what I am today!
I miss you all the time even if I do not call you every day!
Thank you for guiding and moulding me whenever I was not on the right direction,
Your values have made me a much better person and I wish to be your reflection .
You guys are nothing but saints
That is why there is a saying
That God can’t be everywhere
So he made parents!
For all the parents across the world, with lots of love!

Vedant Khandelwal
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Why you need to know about yourself!

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You might have noticed in my writings that the focus towards inner world is more that the outer world! There is a reason for it. If you learn the importance of the inner-self, you will become self-aware, and self-awareness is what the world lacks today! Once you are self-aware, you are automatically aware about most of the things around you!

Self-awareness is nothing but knowledge of yourself. What you are doing right now, what you have to do, what you like – dislike, and everything related to you… your thoughts and your experiences.

There are many students who are unable to make a resume at the time of placements in their college! This is nothing but lack of self-awareness! If you don’t have skills to mention that is totally fine, you can learn as many skills you want to learn, but what about your own strengths?

I have mentioned in my book, Single Rule For Success about the importance of SWOT analysis and how it helps in making you self-aware. For those who are new to this concept, I’ll brief you about it, and for the ones who know can skip to next paragraph. SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat. By giving yourself sometime, and thinking a bit about your own self, can help you out in knowing so much about you. To know about this in detail, you may refer my book. It costs less than burger ! 🙂

Now, since you have done SWOT analysis, it will be great if you can write it down on a paper and stick it in front of you, at your study table or on the wall. This will help in reminding you again and again about your Strength, your weakness, threats and opportunities and will help you in shaping your life and carrier.

If self-awareness is so important and can be solved using SWOT analysis, why is it not so common, why people have issues within themselves, why are they so confused and why they loose focus so easily?

SWOT is just the first and easiest step of self-awareness. One additional step is taking feedback about yourself and your work from others, and make sure you take all the feedbacks in a positive way! It is always good to have multi-faceted view of each and everything! There are several steps apart from SWOT and Feedback, which a person find out by experience, by making choices, by his or her thoughts and by his or her abilities!

Self-awareness is rare now a days, because people don’t have time for themselves! If you are thinking that all of us are so busy, that we don’t have time for ourselves, you are wrong! We don’t have time for ourselves, because we don’t want to be alone! We have developed a fear of being with ourselves! We want to be busy always! If you are sitting idle for a minute, your hand will automatically reach out to your phone and check notifications. If there is no notification, you will open one of the social media apps, and start scrolling! I have personally seen people doing this, and in the long run, they have lost their focus and attention power on the real world!

So, what to do now? Here are a few point to take with you from the above post:

  1. Write down your SWOTs and stick it somewhere you can see it daily, at least once!
  2. Ask for feedback from people, and work on it! Not all feedbacks are to be worked on, but few of them can surely be beneficial.
  3. Give time to yourself. Don’t do anything for at least 5 minutes a day! Just breath and feel the air going in and out. You may increase this time slowly.
  4. Give me feedback on how this effected your life! 🙂

All the best!

Vedant Khandelwal

Experience Single Rule For Success

Let’s kill the Raavan!


Yeah! How’s the Josh this Dussehra? All set for burning The Raavan? Lights, Goddess Durga Pandaals, crackers, good old festive mood… But, again ask yourself, are you really killing the Raavan? Or did you kill it last year or even a single time since your birth?

Who is Raavan? I didn’t say “Who was Raavan?” because Raavan is still alive! He was never dead! Each year we try to kill him but still each year he comes back… Have you never asked yourself, why do we have to kill him again and again? Why do we have to burn his HUGE body again and again? and what is he giving us in return? Ashes? More Pollution? Apart from 2 minutes of enjoyment, is he giving anything positive in return?

Then why do we do it? Just following a tradition like a sheep in a herd? Where is your curiosity now?

The real Raavan is inside all of us! We don’t know whether Raavan was real or not, but if you think characters of Ramayana as your own characteristics, it will be a game changer! Since we are talking about Raavan, we’ll stick to this particular character only!

The real Raavan is inside us! Inside your minds! Kama (lust), krodha (anger), lobha (greed), moha (attachment), mada (pride), and matsarya (jealousy) are all Raavans! Can’t we kill these traits each year instead of burning 50-100 feets of Raavan and burning our lungs? What we need to do is a positive thing, but what we do is harming both us and environment! I’m not here to teach you to save environment, I’m here to save you from yourself!

I know you must have tried at least once to be a better version of yourself, and it’s great if you succeeded in it! 🙂 But, I want you to again try it out this Dussehra… instead of burning Raavan… try to reduce the amplitude of one of the above mentioned traits within you! I have worked upon this and from last few years, there’s a huge improvement in my anger and I don’t have any ego problems at all!

Reading mythology books has always been interesting! But, the real lessons that we have to learn from these books is deeper than the oceans and higher than the mountains! There are things which will change the way you think, which will make you a better person, a better version of yourself! We do a lot of things to look better in front of others, please do something which can make you proud when you see the mirror, or even the front camera of your mobile! 🙂 😉 :p

All the best! Take care!

Happy Dussehra!

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This thing changed my life in last few years!

There are two types of people in this world and you can be both of them, at different times!

Type 1 – People who appreciate

Type 2 – People who critisize

See, Both these things as equally important! Criticizing is as good as appreciating someone to increase his or her productivity. But what differs is the tone by which you complement or comment, or the language you use, or lastly the timing!

I have done several things in my life till now, tried a lot of activities in several fields such as academics, sports, literary, music, etc… but few people are there who can never stop criticizing! I know, you may have also suffered this!

The “Sharma Ji ka beta” is one of the typical ways of criticizing when it comes to Indian Parents! :p

You may get a degree by working hard, but people will ask your percentage! You may get a good job in this highly volatile market and tough competition, but people will ask your salary! You may do very well in life, but then also, these people will somehow find some fault and compare your life with someone better and criticize you!

Now the question is, that how to deal with these “wo 4 log kya kahenge” type of people! It is easy as it sounds, but you need to bring this change in your life, not just for once, but for a longer period. Experience it for few months or at least an year and then feel the difference!

You’ll be more happy, both appreciation and criticism will not affect you much! Most importantly, the people who criticize you will find you not so much interesting and move towards a weaker person!

So the trick is…Support them! Support these people who criticize you! Whenever they say that their kid or someone else’s kid has got better result, support them by saying that they are correct and you could have done better! Whenever they say that their kid is earning more and the package is way above your’s, support them and tell that their kid is great and your package is way less!

This comes as a surprise to them, because they were expecting that you’ll feel ashamed, or you will be depressed, but you are smiling and supporting them! If they face this 3-4 times, they will stop bothering you!

Try it! Entertain all your criticizers and get rid of them!

All the best!

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Experience Poetry

How important is your body?

How important is your body?
What do you love mostly in yourself?
Your eyes, nose, skin, face, height, muscles?
But do you know a fact
Firstly you need to promise me that you’ll go through this till end, before you react
That none of this is actually you
I know the people who already know this are very few
It is just a place where you live
If you have an open mind, this write-up has a lot to give
Whom are you very close with?
Family… friends… or the special one?
Are they connected with you or your physical appearance?
Are you connected with them or their physical attributes?
You are like a huge mountain peak
Your connections are the other peaks around you
Together forming massive range like Himalayas
The thinking, feelings and discussions,
All that you share with your dear ones
are like passengers travelling from one peak to other
Few enjoy the path, few face landslides, and few burn from lava and suffer
What connects the peaks? It’s a bridge!
A small fragile bridge compared to the mountain ridge
This bridge is your body and it strengthens as you grow
It connects you with everyone you know
We collect a lot of things throughout our life,
but no one knows what’s on the other side
People come and go, There are a few new peaks
And a few old ones have gone which were forgotten in a few weeks
Your body is the most special one,
it has been with you from birth and it is there to say you goodbye
Your body still stays for a few days, even when you leave once you die
Have you been to hostel? Or have you been transferred a lot?
First few days, it’s tough.. then you keep it cozy and clean
When you leave, it’s like you are leaving the most comfortable place you have ever been.
But what about a place which is your permanent address?
Your location on this Earth may change,
Yet this address will always be the same
Do you keep it clean?
Does your blood freely moves in your veins?
Or is it full of spider webs and dirt?
Full of fat, smoke, alcohol and drug?
People say travel to places, read a lot,
Earth’s not enough, find your answers in this universe!
But have you ever questioned yourself?
There are all the answers deep inside
It is where the most powerful soul resides
From where did numbers, words, religion, caste and all the worldly things came?
Was there someone before, do you have any particular name?
You visit to all the worship places,
But where lies the actual peace?
Is it in the walls, in the idol, in the space,
Or is it within the body, that you got on lease?
As much as the world you see outside
Deeper is the world inside
There are bones like mountains
Blood like rivers
Neurons and brain are like super computers
The power of senses, you just cannot compare
You have not understood your powers yet, you just don’t dare
Listen to me and question yourself
Keep it a healthy place to live or else it’ll slowly poison itself
Breath more air, drink more water
Run and eat healthy, because this is what really matter
Give few minutes daily to the actual you
I promise you will feel good as new
This is a fragile bridge, don’t pressurize it too much
Also, don’t let this be left unused as it’ll rust
As said by someone wise and intelligent
It is like strings of a musical instrument
If you let it loose, the sound will be blunt
If you push too hard it’ll break
You need to use it in between these limits and also give it proper rest
This is when it’ll sound the best

All the best!