It was in and around meThe darkness had covered me like a shieldLike an armor protecting it’s knightLike a body protecting it’s soul I was freely flowingEverywhere I wanted to fly… like AirLike cold water… which can carve mountainsLike hot fire… which can burn down anything in it’s path People said, you have been freed […]
Hey! This is my first try for a poetry! Please do share and comment if you liked it. It will motivate me and act as an appreciation! 🙂 Bright Light, couldn’t open my eyes… Heard someone taking a deep sigh! Loud noise, hurting my ears… Yes! It has begun – the cycle of fear! It was so dark […]
8 habits to adopt in 2019: All my articles have a common thing. There are questions in the article which you need to ask yourself and this simple exercise helps you understand your own problems and how to solve them. 1. Get rid of your phone – Source: Mel Robbins How much time do you […]
To, The Students, I hope you are doing great, and if not there is no reason to be upset because it’s never late! Don’t worry! This is not a motivational blog or an article where you will be told to do hard work and wake up at 4 in the morning to study! Few things are […]
Started MyLivPro 2 years ago! Just wanted to solve something instead of complaining about the issue… Initial months were very hard… I had no idea from where to start or how to improve my products and services… the only thing I was very much clear about was the problem. Once I knew my destination, the […]
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