My Story Single Rule For Success

#MyStory – Siddharth Nayak


They framed me as a failure. They said I couldn’t become a hit because my report card wasn’t lit, They called me a fool because i went on to follow my dreams and for them it was way too soon. For when they placed bets on a Playstation, I was working on my Workstation. When they partied all night, I was no where near their sight. When they spent their money on protein shakes, I was broke and was counting on my mistakes, To my surprise, I didn’t make any, just my vision was blurred for too many. Fast forward some years, I went from 0 to infinity, Had followers in every vicinity. Moved on from exes and got to rolexes, Media worldwide made me the base of their articles, The doors of my ride opened upwards, Stole the limelight became the game, earned respect, top people now know my name. Calling me lucky would be an abuse for I once pleaded to clear my dues. Enough about me now let’s talk about you, The world bows down to something new, You gotta break the pattern and lose your string mainstream, It’s time to wake up and live your dream.

I’m the Co-founder of Delmang Electronics and have been working with other startups too. I’ve been hustling since quite a long time and have started to see some results. I’ve written this summing up my journey.

-Siddharth Nayak

My Story Single Rule For Success

#MyStory – Ahmad Khan

Do you think only a person who has received an education from a convent school can be a good writer ’cause it involves complex vocabulary and sophisticated grammatical principles?

Then, here is something for you to read.

In fact, let me tell you a story.

“There is a guy who has had studied in a roadside school with 300 students. He used to memorize essays on ‘My Self’ and ‘My embarrassing moment’ to pass the English examination. For him, writing was a nightmare, as for him English was like the alien language chanted in a foreign tone.

Later he got admission in a missionary school where there was no scope of even speaking Hindi in the classroom. That was the brutally difficult phase of his life, ’cause there he failed miserably in first few months. There was nothing he could do except considering himself a loser for not having a good command over the English language when other peers of him had.
But then one day, he read the two life-changing lines.

“Others’ steadfastness isn’t an art. Your faltering footsteps is an art. Literature with an aim is a sheer nonsense.”

From that day he started to love his quirk and flaws and began to write in the leisure time. While walking along the road, he used to pick up torn pieces of newspaper and read them aloud in front of the mirror. To write in a passionate manner, he isolated himself from the world.

Every night he opened his diary to pen down his emotions, the night seemed to be a nanosecond.

In the earlier days he was mocked, insulted and got dampening jibes but those lines, they never let him give up on himself.”

And right now he is writing for a family of twenty-five thousand feelers known as Writer Feels. Even though he writes immature stuff; even laughable sometimes, but least, he’s trying. One day he will be a better writer for sure.

The point to be noted is this: Never judge yourself wrong. There’s only one thing you cannot do. It’s the thing which you’ve not tried.

~ Ahmad Khan |

Single Rule For Success

How to make a difference! – Part 1 – People who love you!

When there is a lot of work pressure and you are unable to think how to complete all the tasks… has this thought passed your mind, that there should be more than 24 hours in a day?

I have felt it many times! I’ve never missed any tasks to be done, but I need more time so that I can do more than what I currently do.

I am working in an NBFC as a Marketing Manager, apart from that, I am writing a science fiction book and handling my startup MyLivPro.

After all these things, which is a part of my fixed working schedule… the most important task which I can never miss to complete is to give a good amount of time to the people who love me and not just to the people whom I love!

This blog is about how can you make a difference in your life and most importantly in life of the people who love you a lot, by just giving a very small amount of time!

I’ll let you know about my own life and how I practice this without any problem at all!

First of all, to all the people who are living far from their parents and family for studies, job or business… I request you all to at least talk once a day, to your parents or guardians. We move out of our home to learn and earn and find new friends to spend quality time with…but what about our parents? They are in the same house without you!

Please call them and you will not notice but your 2-minute call will make them happy! If anyone thinks, giving 2 minutes daily to your parents is a tough job, stop thinking and just do this for your parents… 2 minutes out of 1440 minutes that we daily get in a day is less than 0.14%! Sending money home from your salary is only good for materialistic needs but for mental wellbeing, your parents need to hear your voice!

I talk to my parents daily at least once! You can consider any person who loves you wherever I have written parents… for ex. – wife, husband. children or girlfriend or boyfriend. And when you do this, please keep in mind one more thing – Don’t ever fight on the phone before sleeping! No one knows that he/she will see the next morning or not, so why to fight and sleep! You will never want the last memory with someone very close to you to be a bad one… isn’t it?

I would like to share one more incident of last week, which made me realise how valuable your 5-10 minutes can for a person who care for you!

I work in Chennai and had to visit Pune for business meetings. Luckily the meetings got over just before the weekend and I got two days to roam around the city. I met my school friends after a long time and then I went to Mumbai where I met my relatives after 14-15 years! But this is not what made me realize the value of relationship and time…

15-20 years ago, during summer vacations, we(my family) use to go to our Mama Ji’s (maternal uncle) house in Kalyan(Maharashtra). They had a neighbor, an old lady to whom everyone used to call “aai”. I was a very shy kind of kid and feared meeting new people. But, this “aai” was a mother-like figure. She use to talk to me and prepare some egg-dish for me which I liked very much! I met her only 3-4 times in 5-6 years. Then, because of studies, I never got a chance to visit Kalyan.

A week ago, when I went to Kalyan, I thought to visit “aai“. Somehow, my cousins knew the address of her new house and we all went together to meet her!

The moment I told her who I was, she was so happy and the best part for me was that she also remembered me, it was not just me! I told her that I was extremely happy to see her and I was missing the food that she made for me so many years ago. She had grown older but then also she asked me if I would like to eat something, she would make it instantly! But, I just wanted to see her once, she looked beautiful even though she were in her 80s or 90s.

As I had a very less time, I told her that I need to leave. I could clearly see a big smile and watery eyes! That was the moment when I experienced the value of relationships, time and love!

She was watching me with all her focus and attention as if she wanted to capture this moment in her memory! She told me that she never expected that I’ll come back someday to meet her, and she was very surprised and very much happy!

I don’t know that I’ll ever see her again or not, but I know that my 10 minutes gave both of us a lot of happiness and a beautiful memory! Even though she was not from my family, even though I didn’t visit her in last 15-20 years, but still we both felt so good to meet again, this is a feeling which I’ll never be able to explain!

Try it for yourself, it will be a beautiful moment!


Single Rule For Success

Why live only once?

There are people who think that there is a possibility of rebirth, but no one can be sure about a second life! This is why you might have heard many times… “We live only once” or the famous acronym #YOLO – You Only Live Once!


Why is it so that you have to only live ONCE?

Almost everyone gets the chance to be a child, sibling, friend, partner, parent… but what else you can do so that you can live a life with many more mini-lives inside this single package!!

In my book Single Rule For Success, you will find a line where it is written to that you should do something, which will keep you alive even after you are gone physically from this world!

This line might seem simple, but there is a deep meaning hidden in this. You should not work hard so that people may remember you after you are gone, but you should work in such a way that you have lived your life fully as per your own will, and there is nothing left pending in your mind when you are taking your last breath.

Why only become sportsperson? Why not be a great singer too?

Why just become a great painter? Why not be a chess player too?

I know we have only one life, but why should we live it only once? Don’t be king of a single trade, be the jack of all! Don’t leave anything which you want to try out but something is stopping you from trying it! You are the boss of your own life, live it multiple times, learn, explore, live!

I’ve played a few roles and learned many things from them! I am just 25 and wish to live many more lives because it opens up my mind, widens my thinking and makes me a better person. Here are a few roles that I’ve played till now, at this stage called life:

I have been an Engineer – I didn’t just complete my Btech, but I also built a robot with my friends and we won the competition too! Me and my three friends – Pallavi, Quayad, and Shubhi tried a lot but the circuit was burning all the time. All our resources were almost finished but what was still left, was our excitement and craze to build the robot. We finished it without a proper body and temporary wiring and you know what happened! We won! That was a great day for all of us!

I have been a Manager – During my MBA, I was the President of Management Student Association. My main work was to solve issues among the classmates and the committees. I learned a lot from this role. I learned how much patience and calmness is necessary to think practically and take the right decision. I learned how to be a good orator, to gain the attention of everyone and make them understand the situation.

I have been an Entrepreneur –  This is one of the toughest roles I’ve played till now. It requires all the positive words you might have seen in a dictionary! But to make it short, the most important traits that you should have are – patience, passion, vision, practical thinking, time management and resource management and positive attitude! Check my work at – MyLivPro

I have been a Writer – This one is the recent one! One day I thought to share my experience with all the young minds who are confused a lot… they don’t know what they are doing and what they want to do… after two months the manuscript was ready. I designed the cover myself and without investing a single rupee, I published it independently at! This role taught me the value of words. A single wrong choice of word can affect the reader and that is what I never wanted to happen! So, I chose a very simple set of words which can be easily understood by anyone. Check my work at – Single Rule For Success

Apart from these, I’ve played many small roles too, and I know you would have done the same! But, did you ever go back and thought what did you learned from it? How did it help you move ahead in life or was it just a waste of time? Think and give an answer to yourself!

I have to live many more roles too so that I can expand my creativity and imagination. I wish all the very best for you! Do, let me know about your own success stories, it keeps me motivated!


The Crazy F.A.Q.s

This is my first blog. I would like to tell you that most of the blogs that you’ll be reading here on this website will be based on “YOUR” interest, and not just what I want you to read! So, just leave a mail at, comment below or message me on my Facebook page the topic, on which you want to read the next blog!

4 days ago, I published my first book! There were a lot of questions that were asked by my friends, relatives as well as few of the readers. A few of them were repeatedly ask. So, I thought to share it as, my first blog, where I enjoyed answering in a crazy way to all the questions asked after I published my first book, Single Rule For Success.

Q. How much time did you take to write Single Rule For Success?

A. I started in mid-September and finished it in last week of November. So, almost 2 months! I liked writing, so daily after coming from the office, I used to write a few pages. When it was complete, I thought it was a thin book, but I didn’t wanted to add anything extra as whatever I wanted to share was already done. It has got the crisp of my message which I want to convey to my readers.

Q. You think to change whole life of your readers, from the book that you wrote in just two months! Isn’t it unfair?

A. The learnings are penned down in two months, not experienced! I have gone through many ups and downs in my life and observed many things in not just my life, but of my close ones too! Single Rule For Success contains the juice of all these experiences as well as my values that I have learned from my childhood! So, the book may be written in 2 months, but the experience is of more than 20 years!

Q. You are just 25 y.o.! Don’t you think, this is not the correct age to influence others, shouldn’t you have more experience?

A. NO! Experience is definitely dependent on age but if you think it is “ONLY” dependent on age, that’s wrong! People who think like this, need to change their mind! I learn from my juniors as much as I learn from my seniors because each and every person can teach you something good, it is YOU who needs to learn!

Apart from that, If I write my 20 years of experience from 25-45 at the age of 45 will that be fine? Then why not do the same at 25? Everything is correct if you are mature enough to learn from life and move up ahead.

Q. How much money did you invest in this book?

A. ZERO! I would love to write about this in some other blog, where I can help the first time writers to publish their book with zero investment and save their resources!

Apart from this website, there was no money involved in writing, editing, designing, publishing!


These were a few repeated questions asked to me in the past four days! Will be happy to answer all the queries from my readers!

If you still haven’t read my book – Give it a try, the link is available on the homepage!

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If you have read it – Thanks a lot! I hope it helps you somehow in your life!

For fiction lovers… I am coming soon with my first fiction book soon!