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आज गुरु पूर्णिमा पे , मेरी तरफ से एक छोटी सी हिंदी कविता, जो बताती है की गुरु है समय और समय का महत्व क्या है।
hostel life
हॉस्टल के दिन - a hindi poem on hostel life. I am sure you'll find it to be nostalgic.
माँ और बच्चे के प्रेम पे हिंदी कविता। एक छोटा बच्चा किस तरह से अपनी और अपनी माँ की कहानी बयान करता है।
Today I have completed 10,000 days on Earth! The most important part of this blog is, celebrating even the smallest things in life!
You might have noticed in my writings that the focus towards inner world is more that the outer world! There is a reason for it. If you learn the importance of the inner-self, you will become self-aware, and self-awareness is what the world lacks today! Once you are self-aware, you are automatically aware about most […]
Yeah! How’s the Josh this Dussehra? All set for burning The Raavan? Lights, Goddess Durga Pandaals, crackers, good old festive mood… But, again ask yourself, are you really killing the Raavan? Or did you kill it last year or even a single time since your birth? Who is Raavan? I didn’t say “Who was Raavan?” […]
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