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Why you need to know about yourself!

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You might have noticed in my writings that the focus towards inner world is more that the outer world! There is a reason for it. If you learn the importance of the inner-self, you will become self-aware, and self-awareness is what the world lacks today! Once you are self-aware, you are automatically aware about most of the things around you!

Self-awareness is nothing but knowledge of yourself. What you are doing right now, what you have to do, what you like – dislike, and everything related to you… your thoughts and your experiences.

There are many students who are unable to make a resume at the time of placements in their college! This is nothing but lack of self-awareness! If you don’t have skills to mention that is totally fine, you can learn as many skills you want to learn, but what about your own strengths?

I have mentioned in my book, Single Rule For Success about the importance of SWOT analysis and how it helps in making you self-aware. For those who are new to this concept, I’ll brief you about it, and for the ones who know can skip to next paragraph. SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat. By giving yourself sometime, and thinking a bit about your own self, can help you out in knowing so much about you. To know about this in detail, you may refer my book. It costs less than burger ! 🙂

Now, since you have done SWOT analysis, it will be great if you can write it down on a paper and stick it in front of you, at your study table or on the wall. This will help in reminding you again and again about your Strength, your weakness, threats and opportunities and will help you in shaping your life and carrier.

If self-awareness is so important and can be solved using SWOT analysis, why is it not so common, why people have issues within themselves, why are they so confused and why they loose focus so easily?

SWOT is just the first and easiest step of self-awareness. One additional step is taking feedback about yourself and your work from others, and make sure you take all the feedbacks in a positive way! It is always good to have multi-faceted view of each and everything! There are several steps apart from SWOT and Feedback, which a person find out by experience, by making choices, by his or her thoughts and by his or her abilities!

Self-awareness is rare now a days, because people don’t have time for themselves! If you are thinking that all of us are so busy, that we don’t have time for ourselves, you are wrong! We don’t have time for ourselves, because we don’t want to be alone! We have developed a fear of being with ourselves! We want to be busy always! If you are sitting idle for a minute, your hand will automatically reach out to your phone and check notifications. If there is no notification, you will open one of the social media apps, and start scrolling! I have personally seen people doing this, and in the long run, they have lost their focus and attention power on the real world!

So, what to do now? Here are a few point to take with you from the above post:

  1. Write down your SWOTs and stick it somewhere you can see it daily, at least once!
  2. Ask for feedback from people, and work on it! Not all feedbacks are to be worked on, but few of them can surely be beneficial.
  3. Give time to yourself. Don’t do anything for at least 5 minutes a day! Just breath and feel the air going in and out. You may increase this time slowly.
  4. Give me feedback on how this effected your life! 🙂

All the best!

Vedant Khandelwal

Experience Single Rule For Success

Let’s kill the Raavan!


Yeah! How’s the Josh this Dussehra? All set for burning The Raavan? Lights, Goddess Durga Pandaals, crackers, good old festive mood… But, again ask yourself, are you really killing the Raavan? Or did you kill it last year or even a single time since your birth?

Who is Raavan? I didn’t say “Who was Raavan?” because Raavan is still alive! He was never dead! Each year we try to kill him but still each year he comes back… Have you never asked yourself, why do we have to kill him again and again? Why do we have to burn his HUGE body again and again? and what is he giving us in return? Ashes? More Pollution? Apart from 2 minutes of enjoyment, is he giving anything positive in return?

Then why do we do it? Just following a tradition like a sheep in a herd? Where is your curiosity now?

The real Raavan is inside all of us! We don’t know whether Raavan was real or not, but if you think characters of Ramayana as your own characteristics, it will be a game changer! Since we are talking about Raavan, we’ll stick to this particular character only!

The real Raavan is inside us! Inside your minds! Kama (lust), krodha (anger), lobha (greed), moha (attachment), mada (pride), and matsarya (jealousy) are all Raavans! Can’t we kill these traits each year instead of burning 50-100 feets of Raavan and burning our lungs? What we need to do is a positive thing, but what we do is harming both us and environment! I’m not here to teach you to save environment, I’m here to save you from yourself!

I know you must have tried at least once to be a better version of yourself, and it’s great if you succeeded in it! 🙂 But, I want you to again try it out this Dussehra… instead of burning Raavan… try to reduce the amplitude of one of the above mentioned traits within you! I have worked upon this and from last few years, there’s a huge improvement in my anger and I don’t have any ego problems at all!

Reading mythology books has always been interesting! But, the real lessons that we have to learn from these books is deeper than the oceans and higher than the mountains! There are things which will change the way you think, which will make you a better person, a better version of yourself! We do a lot of things to look better in front of others, please do something which can make you proud when you see the mirror, or even the front camera of your mobile! 🙂 😉 :p

All the best! Take care!

Happy Dussehra!

Experience My Story Single Rule For Success

This thing changed my life in last few years!

There are two types of people in this world and you can be both of them, at different times!

Type 1 – People who appreciate

Type 2 – People who critisize

See, Both these things as equally important! Criticizing is as good as appreciating someone to increase his or her productivity. But what differs is the tone by which you complement or comment, or the language you use, or lastly the timing!

I have done several things in my life till now, tried a lot of activities in several fields such as academics, sports, literary, music, etc… but few people are there who can never stop criticizing! I know, you may have also suffered this!

The “Sharma Ji ka beta” is one of the typical ways of criticizing when it comes to Indian Parents! :p

You may get a degree by working hard, but people will ask your percentage! You may get a good job in this highly volatile market and tough competition, but people will ask your salary! You may do very well in life, but then also, these people will somehow find some fault and compare your life with someone better and criticize you!

Now the question is, that how to deal with these “wo 4 log kya kahenge” type of people! It is easy as it sounds, but you need to bring this change in your life, not just for once, but for a longer period. Experience it for few months or at least an year and then feel the difference!

You’ll be more happy, both appreciation and criticism will not affect you much! Most importantly, the people who criticize you will find you not so much interesting and move towards a weaker person!

So the trick is…Support them! Support these people who criticize you! Whenever they say that their kid or someone else’s kid has got better result, support them by saying that they are correct and you could have done better! Whenever they say that their kid is earning more and the package is way above your’s, support them and tell that their kid is great and your package is way less!

This comes as a surprise to them, because they were expecting that you’ll feel ashamed, or you will be depressed, but you are smiling and supporting them! If they face this 3-4 times, they will stop bothering you!

Try it! Entertain all your criticizers and get rid of them!

All the best!

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Experience My Story Single Rule For Success

6 things that will change your life in 1 year! :D

1 year!! 1 whole year!!! That’s too long Vedant! Why can’t you tell me something to change my life by end of the day?

Most of us have developed this mentality of getting things quickly… and this is not our fault… this is the change that technology has provided us as a gift! You want food or grocery, get it delivered within 30 minutes. You want to read a book, download it and read it on your phone, without moving out to the book store. No need to go to the market to pay bills, everything can be done with your phone… so why wait?

There is a very famous old saying – “Sabr ka fal meetha hota hai” . This is literally true! What is the similarity between a house(building) and a tree? They both have strong foundation and both take enough time to make this foundation much stronger!

Since we are talking about changing your life, a little amount of time invested on yourself should not be a concern for you, specially when these things will not consume any extra time, these are just the ways to improve your life while doing things THE RIGHT WAY!


I have written about this in my book “Single Rule For Success” too. You need to stop complaining about each and every thing going wrong in your life and start appreciating for the good things. This is psychologically proven that if you think positive and ignore the negative things in your life (at least try for sometime), you will tend to perform more positive tasks, and the result will be that after a few days, you will feel so positive and empowered!

It is not compulsory to be a part of negative chit chats (bit*hing behind the back) with colleagues. You can talk about productive stuff too! Trust me, nothing bad will happen to you if you talk good about people! :p


Vedant Bro! This is deep! I don’t want to be “Devdas” and left alone, neither I want to go to Himalayas and meditate… I am happy with my friends and parties!

Embracing loneliness doesn’t mean that you have to cut off yourself from the world forever. But you need to give time to yourself too! Your inner self is a different thing and your body is a different thing, and you need to give at least 15 minutes to both the things daily! Is 15 minutes too much to ask for yourself?

Go for a walk alone in the greens… listen your favourite music… write down ideas that come in your mind and think about them… do these things however stupid you find it to be…but try these at least once! You will experience a new you! You will get to know more about yourself… I have a complete chapter in my book “Single Rule For Success” named “Know Yourself”. It is beginning of knowing the world!


This one might be tough for starters, but soon you will realize in your life that this is one of the best magic mantras! Imagine a river, a fresh water river… flowing in between beautiful mountains and dense jungles. This river was so good that people use to drink water directly from it and it was so powerful that it use to break rocks and form it’s own new paths!

But then people started to put garbage in this river… a lot of garbage. This river slowed down due to so much garbage, and started to die out. The fish and the plants inside died and the water started smelling. Few people understood that the river can not take enough garbage and they need to clean it to revive it again and they were successful in their task!

Now imagine that this river is you and the garbage is negative people in your life. They not only put negative thought in you but drain your energy and positivity soon leaves you. The only difference is that there was someone to clean the river, but here you need to do the work your self!


This is what I do for all my projects! I put my heart into it and you know what’s the best part? Even if the results are not good, I feel so relaxed and happy that I tried my best. You will never be left with the feeling that you could have done better, and you also learn so much during this! You learn a lot of new things and you get to know more about your limit too!

Do something! Try something good and productive! This is the best time and no one know about future, so don’t wait for it my friend! Get Set GO!


I’m not talking about your new year resolution! I don’t know who started this! Why do you need to wait for 1st of January to start something new and follow it for the whole year! Why not today? Why not just now?

People face commitment issues everywhere nowadays, be it office or relationships. Ask yourself a question… What was the last time when you set a timeline to do something productive? Did you finish it? If yes, how was your experience? No need to comment below… just ask yourself and you will have all the answers! If you haven’t experienced any thing yet, set timelines to do things an try finishing them within the limit.

You will save a lot of time, you will become more productive and once it is in your routine, success is not far away from you! Start from small things… set limit for small tasks.. finish them within time and then move towards bigger ones!


Last but not the least…fail forward! I have always wondered why school still teaches boring history to us. I am sure you would also have thought the same. One of the reasons is that future generations should know about the mistakes that our forefathers did and what were its consequences. History books helps us in not making these mistakes again!

You know whats the most amazing thing we get in free?? Learning from other’s mistake… and what’s the costliest thing? Not learning from our own mistake and performing the same task in the same way and failing again!

You need to learn from other’s mistakes and from your own mistakes and failures too! This is failing forward! You need not to be upset if you fail, instead you need to learn and give a more powerful performance in your next try! Remember – No one can make you fall down, if you never stop trying again and get up with more positivity! This is the beauty of life!

I hope that at least a single soul transforms after reading this article!

Live your life, don’t just breathe!

All the best!

Experience Single Rule For Success

The Art of Getting What You Want!

I asked multiple people that what are those two things, which matter the most to them in life, the two things which help them sustain themselves, the two things which they want to be perfect… and most common answer was Relationships and Career.

Now the second question was that, what do they do to make these two most important things perfect? Do they focus more on it? Do they do something extra on daily basis just so that these two things can improve? Do they put their heart into it? What was the last thing which they did with full passion and dedication? What was the last thing which they did only for themselves and the thing which they love to do? The answers were really depressing!

Did you asked these questions to yourself? If not, do it right now! How was it? If you are doing something in addition to your daily activity, that’s GREAT! If you are not doing anything, how do you think will these things improve? Magic never happens from thin air, the illusion behind the magic takes hours of practice!

The most important things which I feel in each and every phase of life are – Confidence, Content and Communication!

Whether you are a student, an employee, an employer, home maker, unemployed or retired person, these things will help you in each and every stage of life! Trust me, because this is something which I have learnt from my own experience and which I have told to many people and seen the positive change in them!

The best part about my 3C theory is that it works even if you have only 1 of the C strong enough. You do not need to have all the three Cs to be successful, you can work on the other two Cs and make it stronger with time.

Talking about Relationships, be it parent-child, siblings, couples, teacher – students, employer – employee, or any other relationship in this world. The most important thing is Communication. The worst relationships gain trust and live happily once they start communicating with each other. Communication has build many bridges in this world! Try for yourself, talk to the people around you, your family members, your friends, colleagues or even your pets! Talking to pets has reduced depression in many cases!

Talking about Career, all the three Cs are required here! You need to be confident in whatever you do. Do not be shy about things which do not matter at workplace, your work should define you, and not anything else! Content is another very important thing here! You should know what you are doing and get yourself updated on regular basis. This helps in getting to greater heights! Communication part you must have already understood from above paragraph!

Do let me know the things, which hold you back from being successful in your work, we will work out together! All the best and I wish you achieve whatever you wish for!