This thing changed my life in last few years!

There are two types of people in this world and you can be both of them, at different times! Type 1 – People who appreciate Type 2 – People who critisize See, Both these things as equally important! Criticizing is as good as appreciating someone to increase his or her productivity. But what differs isContinue reading “This thing changed my life in last few years!”

6 things that will change your life in 1 year! :D

1 year!! 1 whole year!!! That’s too long Vedant! Why can’t you tell me something to change my life by end of the day? Most of us have developed this mentality of getting things quickly… and this is not our fault… this is the change that technology has provided us as a gift! You wantContinue reading “6 things that will change your life in 1 year! :D”

#MyStory #MyStartup #MyLivPro

Started MyLivPro 2 years ago! Just wanted to solve something instead of complaining about the issue… Initial months were very hard… I had no idea from where to start or how to improve my products and services… the only thing I was very much clear about was the problem. Once I knew my destination, theContinue reading “#MyStory #MyStartup #MyLivPro”

The complete guide for first-time writers!

From Manuscript to Publishing – The complete guide for first timers! If you are reading this, I suppose you are ready with your complete manuscript and have had gone through a lot of articles and publishing-houses’ websites. A little bit of introduction, so that you can have a crosscheck of my genuine research and work!Continue reading “The complete guide for first-time writers!”

#MyStory – Gaurav Agarwal

Digesting failure again and again for a topper in Academics doesn’t get along so easily …Isn’t it?? Whether Madhyamik or Higher Secondary, I had developed the habit of staying in Lime Light always. Well the credit goes to my dad as well …who was pretty serious about my Ranking. Wait!! It doesn’t end here…I wasContinue reading “#MyStory – Gaurav Agarwal”

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