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The most powerful thing in this world! Faith has survived everything, be it the most dangerous floods, ice age or earthquakes. Be it miracle or science, people on both sides of the table have faith! A magician has faith in his/her work and the audience has faith in magic, a doctor has faith in his […]
When I look back… I see my kindergarten classmates dancing in the class when my teacher went out for a minute… I see my friends throwing chalks at each other and having fun in the class… I was made monitor of the class and I was very proud of my discipline… When I look back… […]
This is my first blog. I would like to tell you that most of the blogs that you’ll be reading here on this website will be based on “YOUR” interest, and not just what I want you to read! So, just leave a mail at, comment below or message me on my Facebook page […]
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