For Mummy Papa…

Each one of us is born with a desire to do something… something unique in our own way… to make a change… it may be big or small… but it’s huge for each one of us, since we think we were born to do this!

But we all know that there’s always one winner in a race, at least this is what we have been told! But what about the other players? What if they broke their own records and instead of celebrating they were just ignored? Similar to a race, this happens in our life too! We miss celebrating the efforts of most important people in our life who are doing their best each day, but we do not notice them because for us there are other champions who we think are the best role models for us! Sadly, these ignored group of people are known as parents! We all or most of us in our life have once ignored our parents and this poetry is for them…and for us…to remember their roles in our life…the importance of their life…their heroic acts and their sacrifices!

 You had a dream to buy a house 
You had a dream to build a business
You had a dream to travel to a foreign land
You had a dream which sadly came to an end
Because I was born!
You had a dream to buy a sport bike and be a racer
You had a dream to have wardrobe full of suits and blazers
You had a dream to follow your passion
But then I came, to put you in depression!
For few of you, I was a planned nightmare
And for few, a happy surprise in disguise
Few fought, few celebrated
And few of you, also left me deserted.
But most of you never complained about having me
For you, I became the reason for your smile
With me, your choices changed and so changed your priority
Making me happy became your duty.

This is not only for the ones who gave me birth
But also for the ones who were there after I was born
For the ones who I may not call papa mummy
But these are the ones who filled my empty tummy.
Also for the ones who played the role of two
Lucky are us who got a parent like you
Also for the ones who fought to keep me alive
I am sorry I ignored you most of the times!
If I am the reason for your happiness
I am the reason of your tension too
Your own clothes, bags and shoes can be old
But for me you wanted everything to be new.
From Hospital, school, to marriage and travel
The list of the things that you have done for me never ends
With me, something more has grown with time
And that is the amount of your bills
I can never think of doing so much for another person
Even the thought of this gives me chills!
I love you! I know I have never said this to you
And you have never said to me
But we both know that we do.
For not acknowledging your doings till now,
I know this poetry is nothing, but a small tribute to you.
 I have messed up so many times
Cried a lot, ruined your clothes and stole your sleep
Asked you to play silly games with me
And dance on baba black sheep.
You never said NO! You never denied!
It was me who was ashamed of you a few times
And wanted to hide!
But I was a kid back then
I had no idea how important you are!
I had no idea what you have done for me!
And how would be life without you!
But now I understand, there never was, and never will be anyone like you!
Once the child is born, parents find it difficult to find time for themselves,
Few mothers have to leave their jobs and few have to work as well as manage their home,
And few fathers come back home from office to only see their child sleeping,
It is not about how much time you invested; you had to because I was your own part,
But you missed so much from your life, to finally let me go far apart.
Thank you so much for making me what I am today!
I miss you all the time even if I do not call you every day!
Thank you for guiding and moulding me whenever I was not on the right direction,
Your values have made me a much better person and I wish to be your reflection .
You guys are nothing but saints
That is why there is a saying
That God can’t be everywhere
So he made parents!
For all the parents across the world, with lots of love!

Vedant Khandelwal

2 thoughts on “For Mummy Papa…”

  1. This is so beautiful…. Every single word is so impactful…. Everyone is completely related with this poem… My parents 👉 me👉 my kids….
    I can relate this poem with my parents as well as my kids…. God bless u vedant…

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