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Digesting failure again and again for a topper in Academics doesn’t get along so easily …Isn’t it?? Whether Madhyamik or Higher Secondary, I had developed the habit of staying in Lime Light always. Well the credit goes to my dad as well …who was pretty serious about my Ranking. Wait!! It doesn’t end here…I was […]
When I look back… I see my kindergarten classmates dancing in the class when my teacher went out for a minute… I see my friends throwing chalks at each other and having fun in the class… I was made monitor of the class and I was very proud of my discipline… When I look back… […]
When there is a lot of work pressure and you are unable to think how to complete all the tasks… has this thought passed your mind, that there should be more than 24 hours in a day? I have felt it many times! I’ve never missed any tasks to be done, but I need more […]
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