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Yeah! How’s the Josh this Dussehra? All set for burning The Raavan? Lights, Goddess Durga Pandaals, crackers, good old festive mood… But, again ask yourself, are you really killing the Raavan? Or did you kill it last year or even a single time since your birth? Who is Raavan? I didn’t say “Who was Raavan?” […]
8 habits to adopt in 2019: All my articles have a common thing. There are questions in the article which you need to ask yourself and this simple exercise helps you understand your own problems and how to solve them. 1. Get rid of your phone – Source: Mel Robbins How much time do you […]
To, The Students, I hope you are doing great, and if not there is no reason to be upset because it’s never late! Don’t worry! This is not a motivational blog or an article where you will be told to do hard work and wake up at 4 in the morning to study! Few things are […]
  They framed me as a failure. They said I couldn’t become a hit because my report card wasn’t lit, They called me a fool because i went on to follow my dreams and for them it was way too soon. For when they placed bets on a Playstation, I was working on my Workstation. […]
There are people who think that there is a possibility of rebirth, but no one can be sure about a second life! This is why you might have heard many times… “We live only once” or the famous acronym #YOLO – You Only Live Once! Why? Why is it so that you have to only […]
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