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8 habits to adopt in 2019

8 habits to adopt in 2019:

All my articles have a common thing. There are questions in the article which you need to ask yourself and this simple exercise helps you understand your own problems and how to solve them.

1. Get rid of your phone – Source: Mel Robbins

How much time do you spend on your phone? Don’t give me excuses of checking work-related emails at 2 AM in the night. Just check yourself for how much time do you use your phone in a day. It’s not a bad thing to be updated on social media but scrolling for hours is surely a very bad habit. Using phone continuously is not only bad for your eyes, but also for your thumb, neck, and brain!
People have several excuses to use the phone all the times. For news in the morning, for work-related emails during the day time, for reading books, magazines, articles in the evening, for seeing videos, for games, for alarm clock, and what not!
Please read news from newspaper, please read books on Kindle or go for hardcover, instead of watching videos try reading something on the same topic as reading requires functioning of the brain but there is no proper productive activity while watching a video – This is scientifically proven.

Get rid of your phone especially during the first hour of the day when you wake up and last hour of the day, when you are on your bed. PLease!!

Get rid of your phone while you are sleeping. Don’t use it as an alarm clock, or even if you want to use it as an alarm clock, keep it at least 5-6 feet away from yourself. Scientists have found out that even if you are not using your phone, but if it is kept near your head while you are asleep, your brain captures the radiations and keeps on working.

2. Change your mentality / Fix yourself – Source: Lewis Howes and Valuetainment

You need to change your mentality before saying things to anyone else. Do not complain or at least try not to complain as less as possible. There are plenty of things in the outer world and you have plenty of time to learn about all of these things. But, you have been ignoring the most important person throughout your life, and that is YOU! Learn about yourself. Write down things which you don’t like in your friends, in your society or across the border, and then check these things within you. People complain about how the government is not able to clean the city, but the same people throw their trash on the road. Do not become such a person. Become positive and then become magnatic. Attract others towards your positive lifestyle and thought process, and tell them to do the same. Instead of complaining, solve the problem…change your mentality.

3. Always over-deliver – Source: Robin Sharma

This is the era of competition. To stay ahead in the race, you need to deliver more than expected. If you are a student, do not push yourself too much, work smartly. You may find my earlier published article on this topic. If you are a working professional, you might have faced issues when you were not able to deliver what was expected from you. Take feedback from your colleagues, employer and clients. Work on this feedback and make sure you deliver at least 100% the next time. From this point, you need to deliver more than 100% in your next projects, to make your clients feel WOW! I practice this in my daily life and really helps a lot in building a good relationship with your clients and a healthy corporate life.

You may face a little bit of burden at first, but that’s just because you have been rusted for a long time. Once this practice of giving more than 100% becomes a daily part of your life, things will become super easy and you will start feeling the growth!

4.Apply what you learn – Source: etthehiphoppreacher

If you have read my earlier posts, I really hope you would have applied the learnings and have already seen the difference it would have created. If you haven’t, please close this window and never ever read or watch self-help or motivational blog or video, because this should not be a part of passing your free time but a part of your life where you learn something, implement it and see your self grow into a better person.

Instead of just reading more and more things, if you start implementing those things one by one, it will make a huge impact. Its not just about implementing what you learn but also implementing your own ideas. I know that you are smart enough to do great things in life, but the only thing that you lack is action! You have a great idea, you have great planning skills, what you lack is execution! Prove me wrong! Show me you have got the execution skills too! Show me what you can do if someone challenges you!

5. Look for positivity – Source: GaryVee

The top three things which are increasing at a very high rate and are very dangerous for us and are also produced by us are:
1. Population
2. Pollution
3. Negativity
In my 9 hours job, the thing which I get to see and hear daily from 90% of my colleagues is negativity! This is a free thing so people spread it like wildfire. I request you to keep your self away from such things. I really don’t know why people are so much attracted towards negativity and then why do they become a part of it? Why not stay positive? What is wrong with that?
Just when you open your eyes, make this thing in mind that you have to notice all the positive things around you and stay away from negativity. People helping each other, someone opening a gate for someone, someone stopping a lift for you, someone helping a poor soul, someone giving something to eat to the strays. Capture this positivity and pour out when you meet someone. Stay happy! Smile! Make other positive by your positivity and make this your way of life!

Once you have become a positive person, people will start telling you how good they feel in your presence.

6. Be more energetic – Source: Dan Lok

Everyone likes to take rest now and then… but to take rest you must also have done something that made you tired! Isn’t it? How can you feel so tired after sleeping for 8-9 hours that you again want to be on your bed for the rest of the day? Work out…wake up…go…walk…run…exercise…please do something for your body! Whenever someone asks you, how are you? Don’t just say that you are FINE! because FINE stands for:
F – Freaked out
I – In debt
N – Not working at full potential
E – Expect everything from the world but do not want to act yourself!

So don’t be just FINE from now on! Be great!

Once you are positive, you’ll automatically be full of energy! Spread this energy among your family and friends, and in the society because the world surely needs such positive energy! People are waiting for you to spread your energy, make their day! Be aloud…be clear…be energetic!

7. Enhance the quality of your sleep – Source: Rich Roll

This is one very important thing in your life. Sleep properly! Sleeping for 7-8 hours does not make a sleep a good sleep! The quality here is more important than quantity! You need to improve your sleep quality by following some simple yet powerful rules:
do not use your smartphone or TV or any digital media for at least an hour before you go to your bed.
do not watch news or crime based programs before you go to sleep.
drink a glass of water before going to sleep.
keep your phone at least 5-6 feet away from yourself.
read a book instead of watching videos if you are not able to sleep.
Try meditation if you are unable to sleep.
Improve your breathing pattern.

I am telling you why all these things are important because I have been a patient of insomnia for years and I know when you are not able to sleep even for 3-4 hours for years! Take this free advice and help yourself. Keeping your body fit and healthy is very much important for you to survive in this body for long. Your body is very much similar to the machines you see in your daily life, like your smartphone, your laptop or your car. If the engine of the car is never switched off, you know what will happen to the car. The same happens when you don’t get a good quality sleep!

8. Don’t hit the snooze button – Source: Jocko Podcast

The first 15-20 seconds! Yes! This is the amount of time which you take to make the decision of either waking up or snoozing the alarm when you hear your alarm ringing. You read an article like this, and you see a lot of motivational videos, but you are so weak that you are not able to compete with your own self for the first 15-20 seconds of your day! Make your self stronger, at least for one day. See how much time you are saving and how many activities you are able to complete if you wake up exactly at the same time when your alarm rings.

Wish you a very happy new year and would wait to see you become a better person!

All the best!

– Vedant Khandelwal

Experience Single Rule For Success

How To Stay Motivated? The Three Step Guide!

The Three-Step Guide! It will not only help you to stay motivated but will also help you to achieve anything in your life.

These three steps are not just my experience,

they are the daily routine of all successful people around the globe. But to stay motivated and achieve success, you must have a goal in mind. Since you are reading this, I suppose you already have a goal in mind, which is a prerequisite for this guide.

a. Confidence: 

Confidence is the key to all the doors you want to open in your life. As per me, there are two types of confidence:

  • Confidence in yourself.
  • Confidence in your work.

If you are trying something for the first time, for example – your first stage performance, your first client meeting, your first presentation, or anything which is running in your mind, you need to have confidence in yourself.

This confidence comes from practice. The more you practice, the more self-confidence you gain! You can read more about it in my book, Single Rule For Success.

The second type of confidence comes automatically from your work, which is also known in common terms as “experience”. Experience is nothing but confidence which you have gained by doing the same or similar work in the past.

Now, How do this connects with motivation? The more you practice – the more you gain confidence – higher the probability of success – the more you get motivated!

So, early morning when you wake up… first thing is to flush your fear and fill yourself with self-confidence to stay motivated throughout the day.

b. Chunking:

Chunking is to break down your huge task into smaller tasks and complete it one by one. For ex – If you want to write a 4-page letter and you are finding it tough, tell yourself that you need to complete just one more paragraph. Repeat this after each paragraph and soon your 4-page letter will be ready.

David Blaine, a magician began one of the toughest challenges and completed it successfully. The challenge was to stay frozen for the longest time and he made a record by staying frozen for more than 63 hours! When asked, he said that he never made his mind to stay for that long. He just told himself that he has to anyhow stay frozen for one more hour, at the end of each hour!

This is not some magic, it is a proven scientific fact. As I have mentioned in my book, Single Rule For Success – Brain is dumb! It will do whatever you tell it to do. So, break down all your big and tough tasks into smaller tasks and finish it one by one. Once these smaller tasks will start finishing, you will gain motivation and complete the remaining tasks successfully.

c. High-Level Thinking:

This might be a bit tougher than the other two steps. This step is easier said than done. But I am sure, if you follow the above two steps, you will not find this difficult. You need to think at least a level above than what your current level is! Do an experiment on yourself… keep a record of what thoughts cross your mind throughout the day. Once the list is complete, go through it in the night before you sleep.

Now, check yourself that how many of the thoughts are productive out of the complete list. If you have a good number, you are already following this step but if you have a very less count or zero productive thoughts, you need to change your thinking…think productive…think positive…think BIG!

All the best! Do let me know about topics on which you would like to read blogs… You can also share your own success story and it will be published on this website…

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How to make a difference! – Part 1 – People who love you!

When there is a lot of work pressure and you are unable to think how to complete all the tasks… has this thought passed your mind, that there should be more than 24 hours in a day?

I have felt it many times! I’ve never missed any tasks to be done, but I need more time so that I can do more than what I currently do.

I am working in an NBFC as a Marketing Manager, apart from that, I am writing a science fiction book and handling my startup MyLivPro.

After all these things, which is a part of my fixed working schedule… the most important task which I can never miss to complete is to give a good amount of time to the people who love me and not just to the people whom I love!

This blog is about how can you make a difference in your life and most importantly in life of the people who love you a lot, by just giving a very small amount of time!

I’ll let you know about my own life and how I practice this without any problem at all!

First of all, to all the people who are living far from their parents and family for studies, job or business… I request you all to at least talk once a day, to your parents or guardians. We move out of our home to learn and earn and find new friends to spend quality time with…but what about our parents? They are in the same house without you!

Please call them and you will not notice but your 2-minute call will make them happy! If anyone thinks, giving 2 minutes daily to your parents is a tough job, stop thinking and just do this for your parents… 2 minutes out of 1440 minutes that we daily get in a day is less than 0.14%! Sending money home from your salary is only good for materialistic needs but for mental wellbeing, your parents need to hear your voice!

I talk to my parents daily at least once! You can consider any person who loves you wherever I have written parents… for ex. – wife, husband. children or girlfriend or boyfriend. And when you do this, please keep in mind one more thing – Don’t ever fight on the phone before sleeping! No one knows that he/she will see the next morning or not, so why to fight and sleep! You will never want the last memory with someone very close to you to be a bad one… isn’t it?

I would like to share one more incident of last week, which made me realise how valuable your 5-10 minutes can for a person who care for you!

I work in Chennai and had to visit Pune for business meetings. Luckily the meetings got over just before the weekend and I got two days to roam around the city. I met my school friends after a long time and then I went to Mumbai where I met my relatives after 14-15 years! But this is not what made me realize the value of relationship and time…

15-20 years ago, during summer vacations, we(my family) use to go to our Mama Ji’s (maternal uncle) house in Kalyan(Maharashtra). They had a neighbor, an old lady to whom everyone used to call “aai”. I was a very shy kind of kid and feared meeting new people. But, this “aai” was a mother-like figure. She use to talk to me and prepare some egg-dish for me which I liked very much! I met her only 3-4 times in 5-6 years. Then, because of studies, I never got a chance to visit Kalyan.

A week ago, when I went to Kalyan, I thought to visit “aai“. Somehow, my cousins knew the address of her new house and we all went together to meet her!

The moment I told her who I was, she was so happy and the best part for me was that she also remembered me, it was not just me! I told her that I was extremely happy to see her and I was missing the food that she made for me so many years ago. She had grown older but then also she asked me if I would like to eat something, she would make it instantly! But, I just wanted to see her once, she looked beautiful even though she were in her 80s or 90s.

As I had a very less time, I told her that I need to leave. I could clearly see a big smile and watery eyes! That was the moment when I experienced the value of relationships, time and love!

She was watching me with all her focus and attention as if she wanted to capture this moment in her memory! She told me that she never expected that I’ll come back someday to meet her, and she was very surprised and very much happy!

I don’t know that I’ll ever see her again or not, but I know that my 10 minutes gave both of us a lot of happiness and a beautiful memory! Even though she was not from my family, even though I didn’t visit her in last 15-20 years, but still we both felt so good to meet again, this is a feeling which I’ll never be able to explain!

Try it for yourself, it will be a beautiful moment!