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Here are a list of things which we are doing in the past few days and which you can also do to happily pass the remaining #lockdown days:
This post isn't about the virus or the disease, it is about the heroes who are working hard to give us another day to live without fear!
Here's my first try for an acrostic write-up! There's a surprise for you in the end!
What is love?
A short poem on love and it's beauty! :) A gift in the month of love! Share it with the special one and let her know how special she is for you! :)
There are many people who are in a long distance relationship, few fear to move into one, few who have successfully crossed it, and few who couldn't!
I feel most of us have unknowingly developed insecurities in our head due to advertisements. Have you noticed it? This mostly happens unknowlingly.
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