Like Vs Love
I heard the line “You like because, and you love despite” in the movie “Set It Up”, and it remained with me. It inspired me to write this poetry. It is all about the feeling of love, which is a little confused, more selfless, and a lot more giving. You like because, and you love […]
I'll tell you about two recent incidents that pushed me to accept it that villagers still have better and bigger hearts than urban population.
This one is regarding menstruation/period and the taboos that many people have attached to it. Lets see its the beginning or the end.
Hared! It's everywhere! Let's learn What and Why of Hatred. I have presented it here in a poetic way to help you understand it better.
Things that I learned from baba ka dhaba. Whatever may be the outcome, it will be a sad story in the end which taught us a lot.
एक छोटा सा एक्सपेरिमेंट है। वर्णमाला के क्रम में एक कविता लिखने का। युगों का एक चक्र है। मतलब की कलियुग के बाद फिर से या तो त्रेतायुग या सतयुग आएगा, जब हर चीज़ फिर से बेहतर हो जाएगी। उन्ही दिनों को दिखाया है इस कविता में।
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