Exit option and the negativity around it

exit sign hanging on ceiling in public area

Remember going to movie theatres in the pre-covid era?

I’m sure you must have seen the EXIT board. Because it is the only sign with lights ON when all the lights were switched OFF. Remember the light of the EXIT sign? Yupp! You guessed it right, it was RED!

Mostly red is treated as a colour for emergencies or danger or to STOP! It is also the colour of love and life. But our brain sends out negative signals seeing red, in certain situations.

Why is this so?

There are many countries who are fixing this issue and changing the EXIT lights to green, which tells the common man to GO AHEAD!

But why are we discussing the colour here? It’s not about the colour, but about the negative emotion (danger or emergency) surrounding the idea of EXIT, not only in theatre but also at several steps in life. Have you tried quitting something ever in your life? A project, college, job, friendship, marriage, relationship or any other thing?

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind after reading the above line? I’m sure it’s a negative emotion attached to “quitting” anything ever in life. We need to change this mentality. Quitting is just a part of the whole process. Just like branches of the tree growing in different directions, there are several options available whenever you start anything new in your life. EXIT is one of the options.

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Even if you are opting to exit, you are still growing!

People don’t get into depression because they exit or quit their education, profession or relationship. People get into depression either because they are stuck for a long time and are unable to exit, or because when they quit or try to quit, society eats them up with their negative not-asked-for feedbacks.

There are:

  • toxic relationships where people suffer daily.
  • people who have unbearable bosses or management or mean colleagues who will kill each other in the name of competition and promotion.
  • so-called friends who are ready to stab you in the back.
wistful black woman with eyes closed touching face in thoughts
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Is it fair to stay in the above situations at the same place? Or is it fair to take an exit from these places? At a few places, we do not take an exit, due to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) or loneliness, and at a few places, we do not take an exit due to pressure from society.

We need to understand that, it is OKAY to quit! If it is solving your problems, helping you in gaining back your mental health, keeping you and your loved ones happy, it is OKAY to quit!

You may not become an example for others, but you will surely live a happy life. You may not be in a relationship anymore, but you will live your life on your terms without fighting daily, you may not become what you planned for few years back, but you may become what you want to be now.

portrait of a happy elderly couple
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We have only one life, that too with an unknown expiry date. The only important thing is to stay happy while fulfiling the responsibilities of the ones who are dependent on you.

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