The Fake News

After seeing so much after effects of Fake News, I decided to finally write something on it.

Worst thing this fake news has done is that now friends are fighting due to such fake news, on whatsapp and in facebook comment box.

XYZ – Did you check the latest news?

ABC – Yeah Yeah! I am tuned 24×7 to Whatsapp and Facebook!

XYZ – Naaah! Its Fake News! Its everywhere you look.

We have found tons of gold,

This news was fake, and the data was old.

There is GPS chip in new currency notes,

Many parties had spread such news to gather more votes.

Ponting’s bat had a spring and there was a magnet in Dhyanchand’s hockey,

If opposition is unbeatable, Fakers think, to defeat such people spreading fake news is the key.

Mu-nochwa and Kala Bandar created a lot of chaos and fear,

Fortunately, only the creators of such stories were the actual demon, and these characters were not real.

Coming to COVID19, how can we not look at it when it is everywhere,

and that’s the reason, these Fakers have made up a lot, to share.

In Venice, Dolphins have returned… and if you drink herbal decoction,

You can roam around freely, since you are free from Corona Virus infection.

All these are fake news, its everywhere you look.

Please don’t share whatever you receive on Whatsapp and Facebook!

CAA caused a lot of protests, when 95% protesters did not know the actual act.

You need to listen, read and check from the correct source, before you react!

These fake news can lead to very deadly scenarios.

Please I request you to rethink and check before sharing, because if each one of us stop sharing fake news, it won’t become a news, it’ll just be a message!

I’ll share a personal experience from my college days,

A guy met with an accident just outside college, and rumor was spread that he died.

We did a peaceful protest, and that went to a level where no one knows from where large number of people came, and they set a car on fire.

Next day, we came to know that THE DEAD GUY WAS ALIVE, but the car was burnt, stone pelting was done, and people were arrested, but no one knew who was the liar!

So promise me that you won’t press the forward button before you check it,

Otherwise you are no less than the Faker who wants to spread hatred in this world and wreck it.

– Vedant Khandelwal

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  1. Neha Khandelwal says:

    It’s mind buzzing ….. Want to read more like this !

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  3. Annuami says:

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