A poetry on Depression – “I br OK en”

I have published a post on depression earlier, you may check it out here – Click Here . It mentions statistical data, signs and how to overcome it. This one is a poetry on depression!

From last few days, I had so much thoughts about depression and my inner-self pushed me to write a poetry on it. If you have read my poems, you would have noticed the feelings overflowing through most of them, and there are also several places with hidden meanings, which many readers find very meaningful, once they truly understand the sense and connect with it.

I hope you will be able to connect with this one too! People who easily get depressed(sad) or are too emotional, please don’t read this poem. This poem is for the ones who do not understand what depression is! Hopefully, you’ll understand this and help your near and dear ones who need your help!

You know why is it different from any other condition?
Because there are no symptoms most of the times in this situation!
Or we may say that the symptoms are so common, that we don’t recognize them as a condition.
No, it’s not about any pandemic, its age old depression.

We don’t speak much about it, and that is one of the reason why it grows.
You need to understand your importance and take a happy laughter as a daily dose.
Most of us are sad within for something or the other, and we think that we are all just in different levels of depression.
Some stay quiet, some even wear a mask on their face, and some take it out in their actions.

Be it introvert, extrovert, or of any caste, colour or religion,
Even healthy as well as wealthy,
This condition is a pure example of equality.
The family and friends may be very good,
But when this attacks, it is like no one can cheer up your mood!

Sometimes there’s a thing,
A thing which keeps going in the mind like a repeat telecast of a horror dream.
You don’t want to see it as it comes,
But the more you think that you don’t want to see it,
The stronger the thought becomes.

Try doing it… as soon as I say 
“Don’t think about a rain”,
Rain starts flooding your brain.
Another example is quick sand,
The harder you try, the more deeper you sink.
You need stability, calmness and peace in your mind to think.

If you are falling from a cliff,
Or if you suddenly fall in a well,
Now think that there is no ending and it is taking you forever to fall,
People are facing such issues for months and years, and what they do is just keep staring at a wall.
Please note that, it’s tough to save a falling person,
Than to save when someone is planning to fall

If you are sad for a moment or for a particular thing or you miss someone,
But when there’s change in weather,
or you get that thing that you wanted, or you are finally together.
You are happy! This ain’t depression!

Clinical depression is very different than the depression we normally talk about!
Endless grief and endless sadness,
Your mind repeats you are useless, and the endless falling, pushes you more into this madness!
There are people to help you, to talk to you,
But you find it too burdensome, just to listen and speak.
You need doctor to bring you down from this peak.

“Why to consult doctor? Everyone will think I’m mad.”
Please listen to me with all your attention now,
It’s a disease and it has a cure,
you need to visit a doctor instead of feeling low.

We need to talk more about it,
and make it a common subject.
So that people find easy to share,
and there is no one finally upon you to stare!

-Lots of Positivity
Vedant Khandelwal

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