Why you need to know about yourself!

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You might have noticed in my writings that the focus towards inner world is more that the outer world! There is a reason for it. If you learn the importance of the inner-self, you will become self-aware, and self-awareness is what the world lacks today! Once you are self-aware, you are automatically aware about most of the things around you!

Self-awareness is nothing but knowledge of yourself. What you are doing right now, what you have to do, what you like – dislike, and everything related to you… your thoughts and your experiences.

There are many students who are unable to make a resume at the time of placements in their college! This is nothing but lack of self-awareness! If you don’t have skills to mention that is totally fine, you can learn as many skills you want to learn, but what about your own strengths?

I have mentioned in my book, Single Rule For Success about the importance of SWOT analysis and how it helps in making you self-aware. For those who are new to this concept, I’ll brief you about it, and for the ones who know can skip to next paragraph. SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat. By giving yourself sometime, and thinking a bit about your own self, can help you out in knowing so much about you. To know about this in detail, you may refer my book. It costs less than burger ! 🙂

Now, since you have done SWOT analysis, it will be great if you can write it down on a paper and stick it in front of you, at your study table or on the wall. This will help in reminding you again and again about your Strength, your weakness, threats and opportunities and will help you in shaping your life and carrier.

If self-awareness is so important and can be solved using SWOT analysis, why is it not so common, why people have issues within themselves, why are they so confused and why they loose focus so easily?

SWOT is just the first and easiest step of self-awareness. One additional step is taking feedback about yourself and your work from others, and make sure you take all the feedbacks in a positive way! It is always good to have multi-faceted view of each and everything! There are several steps apart from SWOT and Feedback, which a person find out by experience, by making choices, by his or her thoughts and by his or her abilities!

Self-awareness is rare now a days, because people don’t have time for themselves! If you are thinking that all of us are so busy, that we don’t have time for ourselves, you are wrong!

  • We don’t have time for ourselves, because we don’t want to be alone!
  • Development a fear of being with ourselves!
  • We want to be busy always!

If you are sitting idle for a minute, your hand will automatically reach out to your phone and check notifications. If there is no notification, you will open one of the social media apps, and start scrolling! I have personally seen people doing this, and in the long run, they have lost their focus and attention power on the real world!

So, what to do now? Here are a few point to take with you from the above post:
  1. Write down your SWOTs and stick it somewhere you can see it daily, at least once!
  2. Ask for feedback from people, and work on it! Not all feedbacks are to be worked on, but few of them can surely be beneficial.
  3. Give time to yourself. Don’t do anything for at least 5 minutes a day! Just breath and feel the air going in and out. You may increase this time slowly.
  4. Give me feedback on how this effected your life! 🙂

All the best!

Vedant Khandelwal

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