Let’s kill the Raavan!


Yeah! How’s the Josh this Dussehra? All set for burning The Raavan? Lights, Goddess Durga Pandaals, crackers, good old festive mood… But, again ask yourself, are you really killing the Raavan? Or did you kill it last year or even a single time since your birth?

Who is Raavan?

I didn’t say “Who was Raavan?” because Raavan is still alive! He was never dead! Each year we try to kill him but still each year he comes back… Have you never asked yourself, why do we have to kill him again and again? Why do we have to burn his HUGE body again and again? and what is he giving us in return? Ashes? More Pollution? Apart from 2 minutes of enjoyment, is he giving anything positive in return?

Then why do we do it? Just following a tradition like a sheep in a herd? Where is your curiosity now?

The real Raavan is inside all of us! We don’t know whether Raavan was real or not, but if you think characters of Ramayana as your own characteristics, it will be a game changer! Since we are talking about Raavan, we’ll stick to this particular character only!

The real Raavan is inside us! Inside your minds! Kama (lust), krodha (anger), lobha (greed), moha (attachment), mada (pride), and matsarya (jealousy) are all Raavans! Can’t we kill these traits each year instead of burning 50-100 feets of Raavan and burning our lungs? What we need to do is a positive thing, but what we do is harming both us and environment! I’m not here to teach you to save environment, I’m here to save you from yourself!

I know you must have tried at least once to be a better version of yourself, and it’s great if you succeeded in it! 🙂 But, I want you to again try it out this Dussehra… instead of burning Raavan… try to reduce the amplitude of one of the above mentioned traits within you! I have worked upon this and from last few years, there’s a huge improvement in my anger and I don’t have any ego problems at all!

Reading these (most of us call it mythology) books has always been interesting! But, the real lessons that we have to learn from these books is deeper than the oceans and higher than the mountains! There are things which will change the way you think, which will make you a better person, a better version of yourself! We do a lot of things to look better in front of others, please do something which can make you proud when you see the mirror, or even the front camera of your mobile! 🙂 😉 :p

All the best! Take care!

Happy Dussehra!

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  1. Pallavi says:

    Really thought provoking and true indeed!

  2. Germfeark says:

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