End of the world…

Here’s my first try for an acrostic write-up! 😬😅

Read it till the end, and a surprise is waiting for you! 😃

The closer and deeper I go,

World seems to be more complicated and strange.

Will I ever understand what is it?

End of the day, what matters is you,

Not each and everyone around.

Because you are the creator and you can be the destroyer

Of your own little beautiful world.

Any kind of materialistic bond with this world puts us in danger.

Natural instinct tells us to blend with nature.

Disaster happens when we oppose it.

But we have crossed it and we have gone too far!

Because we feel we are most powerful

Of all living things on this planet!

Hatred grows when you are weak, lonely, insecure,

Between love and hate, we have seen hate winning mostly, because most of the times

Humans love to hate and hate to love!

Now the fun part starts! You need to scroll up again and read the first world of every sentence, and a prediction is waiting to be read by you! Go Go Go…

Yes, yes…I know it wasn’t that great as my previous write-ups, but I just wanted to give “acrostic” write-ups a little try this Sunday! Will come back again with something more powerful! 🤠

Take care! Stay happy and healthy!

  • Vedant Khandelwal

2 Responses

  1. Megha Khandelwal says:

    Arre wow…. It’s amazing… Bt very very true…. Keep writing…. We love to read and read to love…

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