Love… What is it? I don’t understand…

What is love?

A short poem on love and it’s beauty! 🙂

A gift in the month of love! Share it with the special one and let her know how special she is for you! 🙂

Love… What is it? I don’t understand…
Is it the feeling when you hold my hand?

Or is it when i continously stare at you?
Years have passed and the feeling is same but it’s still fresh and new…

It is growing daily, whatever this feeling is…
Why only you are the one among all the people i know, to whom i miss?

What is making me mad? You are not getting off my mind?
Your soul…Most beautiful, full of love and so kind…

Love… What is it? I don’t understand…
Is it the feeling when you hold my hand?

I find it difficult when we don’t talk,
I’m unable to do any of my work, it’s like I’m in a shock…

I will soon come to meet you and make you mine…
We’ll marry and don’t worry, everything will be fine…

We’ll fall in love more and more each day, and grow old together,
I promise I’ll take care and keep you happy forever…

If this is love, i love you like no one would have ever done to anyone!
Because my lady… You are one in billion!

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Listen to this poem here – Click here!

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