A Thank You Note! #Covid19

We all have read so much about #covid19. Infact whatever you hear or talk in last 10-15 days is about covid19. in the last decade, you may have seen posts and videos going viral, but this is the first time that most of us are seeing an actual virus going viral and it is really heartbreaking!

Lakhs have been infected and Millions have been effected! Thousands lost their life! But this post isn’t about the virus or the disease, it is about the heroes who are working hard to give us another day to live without fear!

 Salute to the #doctors who take oath to save lives!
You are working day and night,
just to keep one more family alive!
How many of us work for someone else?
Many doctors lost their own life
while continuously treating patients
and not worrying about themselves!

You are saying "Stay at home and save the nation"
But you are going in the war field daily to save hundreds of patients!
Salute to you and your family,
that they are not selfish like the most of us.
You are no less than any soldier,
fighting selflessly for the rest of us.
By doctors I mean, all the doctors, nurses and paramedics
and the staff whose actions are so quick!

Salute to the #police, who is advising us to stay indoors,
but they themselves have to be standing all day out on the floor!
Thank you for your way of requesting,
which is fairly respectable and new,
I saw you giving roses to the people
who are out on the day of #JanataCurfew

Salute to the #cleaners, who are cleaning the biggest infrastructures,
Trains, metro, aeroplanes, complete cities.
You are the people, because of whom we were travelling
without much insecurities.

Salute to you all and the ones I missed, once again,
I wish we do not forget you once we are out of this pain!
I wish we do not fight against you once #CoronaVirus dies,
Otherwise all this respect and gratitude will be a bunch of selfish  lies!

Salute to all the people who have maintained a safe distance,
even though they are perfectly fine.
And sincere apologies from people like me,
who traveled in last one month and crossed the line!

As it is being said again and again,
You have to be the one who will break the chain.

Wish you all a healthy and happy today and tomorrow!

Stay Safe!
-Vedant Khandelwal

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Share it with people who are saving our lives by working hard and without worrying about their’s!

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