The most powerful thing in this world! Faith has survived everything.

Be it the most dangerous floods, ice age or earthquakes. Be it miracle or science, people on both sides of the table have faith! A magician has faith in his/her work and the audience has faith in magic, a doctor has faith in his hands while operating and the family of the patient has faith in the doctor as well as on the Supreme power, a sportsperson has faith in his hard work and the team has faith on each other.

Early men painted the caves because they had faith that someday someone in the future would like to hear their story. As mentioned in the Vedas, people use to organize Yajnas to impress Gods of rain so that they can have good rains and therefore good crop growth. People have their lucky stone, lucky number, lucky garment, lucky day and what not… why so? Only because they have faith in that particular thing!

Last weekend I met a few people who practice Buddhist Chanting from a very long time and came to know about their stories that how this practice has provided a big support to them in their life. But what basically made them all positive was their faith in the Buddhist Chanting. Same goes for the people who meditate saying Om/Aum, or any other guided meditations.

Faith keeps you up when you are falling down, and it keeps you positive when everything around you is negative. That is why you remember God when you are in a trouble because you have faith in Him. People who are atheist have their faith in their luck, or in someone who is close to them. But the most important thing to have faith in is your work! You would have felt so happy when someone believes in you or in your work, and faith in work gives you a lot of confidence and self-motivation.

The Placebo effect, where patients are given normal sugar pills and told that these are real medicines that will cure their disease. Results of this test are unbelievable. Patients have shown improvements only because they have faith in the medicines and doctor. As I have mentioned in my book, Single Rule For Success“brain is dumb”! Your brain and body believe whatever you want it to believe. You have got unmatched potential to do great things in your life!

Have faith in yourself and in your work!

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3 Responses

  1. Abhishek says:

    Hmmm… 3 idiots concept.. All is well. Nicely written my friend. Hope you can come up with many more interesting ones.
    I will give you one very easy example of how faith befools us in present day. Ola, Uber doesnt shortens or quickens our ride or journey, they will come at the time when it’s possible, they will drop you at ur destination only after all d traffic turmoils and ample amount of time needed to reach there, but d tracking of cars just gives you a sense of belief that okay car is going as per my eyes and thus faith is generated..It doesnt makes any change for ur journey time but yet people prefer ola over normal taxi service.

  2. Pallavi Kaushal says:

    Yes Vedant , absolutely right! Faith is actually like the fuel that keeps the engine of our lives running…the faith that the sun will shine after every dark night!

  3. Waptugh says:

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