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Started MyLivPro 2 years ago!

Just wanted to solve something instead of complaining about the issue… Initial months were very hard… I had no idea from where to start or how to improve my products and services… the only thing I was very much clear about was the problem. Once I knew my destination, the direction to move towards it was clear… but the path, this is the toughest part!

Faced a lot of problems but solved them independently, be it IT issue, marketing issue, financial issue or customer service! There were many things which I learned in the process and a few things which changed me as a person. Once the website and application were live, did a lot of social media marketing, organized competitions, hired ambassadors and interns, did all the possible things so that MyLivPro does not remain an alien word to my customer segment… and all this really worked out in the first year itself!

I was very happy! Finally, I was solving the problem… Those days were one of the best days for me because I had put a lot of effort into this and made something from scratch! But it was shortlived… my customer segment is MBA students and my core product is a live project! I was never discouraged or demotivated by lack of capital, or team members or time… what discouraged me was the ignorance in my target customers…” students”!

All my market research, two years of time investment, a lot of hard work started to feel like a waste when students asked me… ” I will pay for this but I just want the certificate to show in college, I don’t want to work on the project or learn anything!” This was very shocking for me that students who claim to have a lot of issues from colleges where there is a lack of practical learning experience, actually do not want to learn at all! I have always refused to such students and it always makes me feel very sad whenever I had to come across such a student!

Few important things:

1. Try to do to something on your own. Not all ideas require a lot of investment. I started mine with just Rs. 10K

2. It makes you so happy when you are busy and working on something which is your passion. You won’t get time to think about useless stuff!

3. You learn! You learn a lot!

4. It hurts when the people for whom you are solving the problem are so ignorant about the problem. But it also gives a push to try harder!

– Vedant Khandelwal


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  1. Aniket Mishra says:

    awsome one vedant.

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