How important is your body?

Most of us have not understood the importance of our own body! We have reached to Mars and we have a mission ready for Sun, but we still don’t understand our body completely!

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How important is your body?
What do you love mostly in yourself?
Your eyes, nose, skin, face, height, muscles?
But do you know a fact
Firstly you need to promise me that you’ll go through this till end, before you react
That none of this is actually you
I know the people who already know this are very few
It is just a place where you live
If you have an open mind, this write-up has a lot to give
Whom are you very close with?
Family… friends… or the special one?
Are they connected with you or your physical appearance?
Are you connected with them or their physical attributes?
You are like a huge mountain peak
Your connections are the other peaks around you
Together forming massive range like Himalayas
The thinking, feelings and discussions,
All that you share with your dear ones
are like passengers travelling from one peak to other
Few enjoy the path, few face landslides, and few burn from lava and suffer
What connects the peaks? It’s a bridge!
A small fragile bridge compared to the mountain ridge
This bridge is your body and it strengthens as you grow
It connects you with everyone you know
We collect a lot of things throughout our life,
but no one knows what’s on the other side
People come and go, There are a few new peaks
And a few old ones have gone which were forgotten in a few weeks
Your body is the most special one,
it has been with you from birth and it is there to say you goodbye
Your body still stays for a few days, even when you leave once you die
Have you been to hostel? Or have you been transferred a lot?
First few days, it’s tough.. then you keep it cozy and clean
When you leave, it’s like you are leaving the most comfortable place you have ever been.
But what about a place which is your permanent address?
Your location on this Earth may change,
Yet this address will always be the same
Do you keep it clean?
Does your blood freely moves in your veins?
Or is it full of spider webs and dirt?
Full of fat, smoke, alcohol and drug?
People say travel to places, read a lot,
Earth’s not enough, find your answers in this universe!
But have you ever questioned yourself?
There are all the answers deep inside
It is where the most powerful soul resides
From where did numbers, words, religion, caste and all the worldly things came?
Was there someone before, do you have any particular name?
You visit to all the worship places,
But where lies the actual peace?
Is it in the walls, in the idol, in the space,
Or is it within the body, that you got on lease?
As much as the world you see outside
Deeper is the world inside
There are bones like mountains
Blood like rivers
Neurons and brain are like super computers
The power of senses, you just cannot compare
You have not understood your powers yet, you just don’t dare
Listen to me and question yourself
Keep it a healthy place to live or else it’ll slowly poison itself
Breath more air, drink more water
Run and eat healthy, because this is what really matter
Give few minutes daily to the actual you
I promise you will feel good as new
This is a fragile bridge, don’t pressurize it too much
Also, don’t let this be left unused as it’ll rust
As said by someone wise and intelligent
It is like strings of a musical instrument
If you let it loose, the sound will be blunt
If you push too hard it’ll break
You need to use it in between these limits and also give it proper rest
This is when it’ll sound the best

All the best!

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