This thing changed my life in last few years!

6 habbits which will change your life

There are two types of people in this world and you can be both of them, at different times!

Type 1 – People who appreciate

Type 2 – People who critisize

See, Both these things as equally important! Criticizing is as good as appreciating someone to increase his or her productivity. But what differs is the tone by which you complement or comment, or the language you use, or lastly the timing!

I have done several things in my life till now, tried a lot of activities in several fields such as academics, sports, literary, music, etc… but few people are there who can never stop criticizing! I know, you may have also suffered this!

The “Sharma Ji ka beta” is one of the typical ways of criticizing when it comes to Indian Parents! :p

You may get a degree by working hard, but people will ask your percentage!
You may get a good job in this highly volatile market and tough competition, but people will ask your salary!
You may do very well in life, but then also, these people will somehow find some fault and compare your life with someone better and criticize you!

Now the question is, that how to deal with these “wo 4 log kya kahenge” type of people! It is easy as it sounds, but you need to bring this change in your life, not just for once, but for a longer period. Experience it for few months or at least an year and then feel the difference!

You’ll be more happy, both appreciation and criticism will not affect you much! Most importantly, the people who criticize you will find you not so much interesting and move towards a weaker person!

So the trick is…Support them! Support these people who criticize you! Whenever they say that their kid or someone else’s kid has got better result, support them by saying that they are correct and you could have done better! Whenever they say that their kid is earning more and the package is way above your’s, support them and tell that their kid is great and your package is way less!

This comes as a surprise to them, because they were expecting that you’ll feel ashamed, or you will be depressed, but you are smiling and supporting them! If they face this 3-4 times, they will stop bothering you!

Try it! Entertain all your criticizers and get rid of them!

All the best!

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