How To Stay Motivated? The Three Step Guide!

How to stay motivated? The Three-Step Guide! It will not only help you to stay motivated but will also help you to achieve anything in your life.

These three steps are not just my experience,

they are the daily routine of all successful people around the globe. But to stay motivated and achieve success, you must have a goal in mind. Since you are reading this, I suppose you already have a goal in mind, which is a prerequisite for this guide.

a. Confidence: 

Confidence is the key to all the doors you want to open in your life. As per me, there are two types of confidence:

  • Confidence in yourself.
  • Confidence in your work.

If you are trying something for the first time, for example – your first stage performance, your first client meeting, your first presentation, or anything which is running in your mind, you need to have confidence in yourself.

This confidence comes from practice. The more you practice, the more self-confidence you gain! You can read more about it in my book, Single Rule For Success.

The second type of confidence comes automatically from your work, which is also known in common terms as “experience”. Experience is nothing but confidence which you have gained by doing the same or similar work in the past.

Now, How do this connects with motivation? The more you practice – the more you gain confidence – higher the probability of success – the more you get motivated!

So, early morning when you wake up… first thing is to flush your fear and fill yourself with self-confidence to stay motivated throughout the day.

b. Chunking:

Chunking is to break down your huge task into smaller tasks and complete it one by one. For ex – If you want to write a 4-page letter and you are finding it tough, tell yourself that you need to complete just one more paragraph. Repeat this after each paragraph and soon your 4-page letter will be ready.

David Blaine, a magician began one of the toughest challenges and completed it successfully. The challenge was to stay frozen for the longest time and he made a record by staying frozen for more than 63 hours! When asked, he said that he never made his mind to stay for that long. He just told himself that he has to anyhow stay frozen for one more hour, at the end of each hour!

This is not some magic, it is a proven scientific fact. As I have mentioned in my book, Single Rule For Success – Brain is dumb! It will do whatever you tell it to do. So, break down all your big and tough tasks into smaller tasks and finish it one by one. Once these smaller tasks will start finishing, you will gain motivation and complete the remaining tasks successfully.

c. High-Level Thinking:

This might be a bit tougher than the other two steps. This step is easier said than done. But I am sure, if you follow the above two steps, you will not find this difficult. You need to think at least a level above than what your current level is! Do an experiment on yourself… keep a record of what thoughts cross your mind throughout the day. Once the list is complete, go through it in the night before you sleep.

Now, check yourself that how many of the thoughts are productive out of the complete list. If you have a good number, you are already following this step but if you have a very less count or zero productive thoughts, you need to change your thinking…think productive…think positive…think BIG!

All the best! Do let me know about topics on which you would like to read blogs… You can also share your own success story and it will be published on this website.

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