Insecure about something?

Insecure about something? My parents and sisters tell me that when I was a baby, I use to watch only advertisements on our television and as soon the actual program started, I use to turn it off. To be true, I don’t remember any such activity of mine.

And then after around 20 years of such incident, I came across a subject which became one of my favourite subject, and that is Advertisement! There were two reasons for my liking. One was the continuous innovation in this field and second was the effort put in by our professor, Dr. G. Muruganantham. He has a collection of advertisement cut-outs from decades, and we use to learn how advertisement has changed from time to time.

Now, coming to the main point. I feel most of us have unknowingly developed insecurities in our head due to advertisements. And I am not blaming the complete advertisement industry here, but to the “creative” people who wanted to play with our psyche and to the so called “heroes” and “heroines” who have million of fans and followers.

I will try to keep this article as short and simple as I can, and will try to show you how our role models have made most of us insecure about the most important thing that we were born with, our body.

Hairy Calling Harry | Veet Men Hair Removal Cream | Kartik Aaryan

Each and everyone of us should be well groomed, but that doesn’t mean that you need to show a man with average or more body hair as a looser. Such ads develop a sense of insecurity about body hair in youths and force them to use chemicals on their body, to become “more confident” and “more attractive”. Such hair growth is quite common in India and showing most of the population as inferior is definitely not a good sign of marketing.

Fair and Handsome Instant Boost Face Cream TVC – Shah Rukh Khan

This one is from one of the most followed celebrity, and his fan following is not only limited to India but across the world. You may see clearly in this advertisement, how a dark skinned person is shown as inferior. Although most Indians have wheat-ish complexion, but most of us also have a desire to be fairer since we think that “fair = handsome/beautiful and maybe intelligent too”. Big companies use these things against us and sell their products happily and big stars get their share in promoting such products.

Infact as per Fair&Lovely and Fair&Handsome, you can get a job, get married and do wonderful things in your life only if you are fair skinned!

Himalaya MEN Pimple Clear Neem Face Wash (HIN)

Do you have pimples? Sorry, you are not cool bro! No, not me but our star cricketer is sharing this message. This ad implies that a man is not cool if he has pimples. Captain is giving this advice to a junior team member, and millions of followers sitting in their home or hostels are developing a mindset of inferiority. From next day they’ll try multiple chemicals on their skin which will finally give birth to more and more of pimples.

Nutrigain Plus (Weight Gain) – 200 Gram Pack

You maybe surprised to know that millions of people suffer from depression since they think they are not “fit” enough for society. This “fitness” is about being neither underweight nor overweight, neither short nor too tall, not at all of a complexion other than fair, etc.

This ad of Nutrigain shows that if a man is not strong enough, he will not get job, a life partner, and success in life. Similarly, if a girl is underweight, she will not get married.

We have so many things to worry about, but such ads which try to create an inferiority complex in the minds of customers and then sell them to earn good money, are only making things worse!

There have been so good ads which are so creative and thought provocating, and then there are such ads which try to sell there stuff by making you feel worthless! Comment below if you know more such ads.

Please love yourself as you are! Being fit is good for your own health. Exercise, eat right and stay happy! There’s no product which can make you better than these three things!


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  1. Sathya says:

    It is rightly penned.. Amazing keep writing 👍👍

  2. Pallavi says:

    I totally agree with you Vedant, actually we should not give anyone the right to make us feel uncomfortable or inferior….the competition should be self…when you aim at becoming better than yourself everyday that’s when you are moving in the right direction!
    And stuff that these ads convey is endless….there is no limit for being perfect…it’s only how you see it!

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