International Women’s Day! Are you eligible to celebrate?

We just talk,
Its time to walk to talk.

Gender equality, feminism and women empowerment,
all fancy words are trending.
The actual reality, away from twitter and facebook,
is really mind bending.

Do we really understand what
these terms mean?
We are different,
to do different things.

Gender equality is to have
equal opportunities and rights.
But people stick this term
everywhere in their sight.

Feminism is also similar,
same opportunities and rights,
but there are so many pseudo-feminists,
who use this term just to be in the lime light.

Women empowerment is just a
story you may tell your children.
because sadly most of the men in our country
can not handle orders from and opinions of a woman.

This is the time, do not wait!
we need to teach our kids
the importance of women, before its too late.

If we start respecting everyone equally,
If we start understanding the importance of each gender,
There will be no need to tell people about feminism and women empowerment,
There will be no attacker and no defender.

Tell your kids clearly that women are not an object.
Instead of giving reason when men attack, teach boys to protect.

They copy you, so mind your actions,
If you misbehave with women, they’ll do the same, as your reflection.

We are part of this society. The things that we see around us, are somewhere, somewhow, connected to us and our actions, in some magnitude effect our surroundings. I wish for a peaceful future.

Don’t even say “Happy Interenational Women’s Day” if you do not respect women around you. You can change the world, if you change yourself!

Take Care!

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