You Like Because, And You Love Despite

Like Vs Love
I heard the line “You like because, and you love despite” in the movie “Set It Up”, and it remained with me. It inspired me to write this poetry. It is all about the feeling of love, which is a little confused, more selfless, and a lot more giving.

You like because, and you love despite.
there are few fights,
but not to prove who is right,
I know you need space, and we are in our own race,
but I want you to be always in my sight.
You like because, and you love despite.

It may have started with liking,
because there were reasons to like you,
because I couldn’t take my eyes off you,
because I couldn’t stop thinking about you.

I liked you because, and now I love you despite…

Love took its time to grow from likeness.
I was confused, amused, and full of restlessness.
I ignored all your faults, and just saw what I liked,
I still remember the crazy long messages that I typed.

Then it was love, I guess so…
because I accepted all your faults,
Your choices became mine, by default.

Remember? The story about rose it was,
If you like it, pluck it,
If you love it, leave it!
Love… it is unconditional,
A bit of mystical, kind of miracle.

When I just liked you,
I wanted to be happy with you, for me it was good.
Now when I love you,
I want you to be happy, in your own mood.

Many find snoring, romantic for the first few months,
and then when the reality comes,
they get irritated, but they have developed this habit,
they don’t like it, but now it’s a part of their life.
because you love despite.

There may be many things like this,
which you don’t like in your partner,
and which is surely not a delight,
but it is okay, as you love them despite!

No one’s perfect, it’s always better to accept. Love is one of the three magic that I know of. It is special and it has no definition or form. You know it when you feel it. Let’s not just keep a single day in a year to celebrate love, it’s not such a tiny feeling. celebrate love each day, each minute, each second. Love is not just between two people, it is everywhere!

Take Care!

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