Life and Death – A poetry about life

Life and death is a poetry about life. How it starts, it ends and everything in between. I am sure you will connect yourself with this poetry.

Bright Light, couldn’t open my eyes… Heard someone taking a deep sigh!
Loud noise, hurting my ears… Yes! It has begun – the cycle of fear!

It was so dark and I was alone… but there was peace…
Now… an alien crowd… most faces full of grief!

Everyone wanted to take photos with me… but I was a bit shy…
and then I saw the two most special people cry!

I lived with them from that day…
didn’t know that for long, they won’t stay!

They taught me many things, maa and papa were the first two words…
and then came fruits, vegetables, animals and birds!

Little did I know of the world around…
my world was limited by home, school, and playground!

My first sunshine, windy air, and raindrop…
These most beautiful things were like the faces of God!

Then entered a few special people in my life called friends…
These are the people who never pretend!

School life was crazy… books games and lunch break…
I never knew that in life homework was not the real headache!

Long school and college life were over like flipping a book’s pages…
Was told to learn important things… which will never be useful for ages!

Developed my personality… and understood how different people can be…
few were transparent but most hiding sadness roamed around carefree!

Many were friends in front but foes at back…
Their smile is bright but the soul is black!

I came to know that the world is full of such black souls…
 they initiate wars, differentiate people, and have devastating goals!

To see people attracted towards useless and harmful things is real tragic…
Love, music, and meditation is the real magic!

Out of these three magic, meditation is tough, music is everywhere…
and when I found love, I felt my other senses disappear!

Family friends and love… I once again though that the world is so good…
But then came “what will society say?”, to worsen my mood!

I did a little business, a great job and gave many sessions…
but to please everyone in your circle is out of the question!

One day I thought, what is life all about…
but this is a question about which even our creator would have a doubt!

And then one fine day I was blessed with a child…
Thought about my day of birth… the bright light…the loud noise…the cycle of fear…and then I

Am I living for myself or for others?
Do my parents, wife or kids even bother?

Never understood how the time passed by so quickly once again…
was just seeing my hair turn to salt and pepper and my energy drain!

Decades passed when I saw the rainbow last time…
or when I enjoyed even to the music of a wind chime!

Again I asked my self, what is this life all about…
can’t see properly and can’t hear until you say it aloud!

All these years, have seen people leaving me, in school, job, and even life…
Even kids went for better education, and up there in a star, now lives my wife!

Memories are very dangerous… when you are in the moment, it will make you happy from sad…
But when you miss someone who has left the world, it makes you feel so bad!

After almost completing my whole life, at a moment like this…
My family and friends are the only memories that I miss!

Gossips, fights, ill-speaking, and politics won’t be your last thoughts…
so please leave all this and just do positive things, at least give it a shot!

At times I sleep after taking the medicine and think I won’t see the sunrise…
The beautiful dawn, fresh breeze, god inviting me to his attractive home in disguise!

I prefer to sleep more now, as I visit my family there…
We celebrate all the festivals, birthdays and anniversaries, and for hours at their faces, I stare!

Today is the last day, and this moment is the last moment…
Doctors have declared me dead, and surprisingly my children have visited to comment!

People who knew me said a few good words and cried a lot…
I would have loved to hear all this when I was alive in their world!

Now I am back to the darkness, and all alone…
The peace which I loved before I was born, is killing me and I want it to be gone!

Is this the cycle of fear? Or was it when I was alive?
Or is this a full circle when both these cycles are combined?

Vedant Khandelwal

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18 Responses

  1. Amit Khandelwal says:

    Excellent. For a beginner it can’t be better than this. It seems to be written by an experienced poet.
    Congratulations and all the best.

  2. Lalitmohan Khandelwal says:

    आपकी किताब बहुत अच्छी लगी आपकी सोच बहुत सुन्दर है.. आपने अपनी किताब मे बहुत सुन्दर जानकारी दी है. आप आगे बढ़ते रहो.

  3. Neha says:

    Can’t believe this is your first try👌
    Bhai…… u r a genius guy😎
    Very simple and lively
    written it very wisely
    Journey of life….
    After reading this i m missing so many gud..bad and lovely moments of my life….
    Great effort👏👏
    “Long school and college life were over like flipping a book’s pages…
    Was told to learn important things… which will never be useful for ages!”
    Beautifully written 👌👌👌👌👌

  4. Megha khandelwal says:

    It is superb written… Simple yet very lively… Anyone can related with this superb writing..
    I never knew homework was not d real headache… I was like back into my memories… God bless u bhai… Love u

  5. Ritika Sharma says:

    Congratulations vedant…Nice attempt…Keep it up..anyone can relate his/her life story with your well written poem…God bless you..

  6. Ankit says:

    Beautifully summarization of birth, death and “in between” .
    At this young age you have very good depth. Keep walking………….

  7. Gaurang khandelwal says:

    A great poem.Loved it. Its a poem which describes our whole life simply. Really loved it and enjoyed it. 👏👏

  8. So, don’t fear death, embrace it. Because without it, our life is not whole. A story needs its end, death does that work for us. An end also demands a proper ending, this is what death forces us to do in the form of fear. It forces us to provide a sleek, sweet and beautiful finish to our story. In this sense, it can also be thought of as a finesse. A finesse which with its adroitness and dexterity plot the story of our life through that invisible pencil which we only come to know at the end.

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