To, The Students…


The Students,

I hope you are doing great, and if not there is no reason to be upset because it’s never late!

Don’t worry! This is not a motivational blog or an article where you will be told to do hard work and wake up at 4 in the morning to study!

Few things are there which I would like to share with you because I believe it would have been helpful if someone would have told me the same when I was in your place.

What do you think is most important for you right now? What are you doing for it? What do you think you should have done or you can do but you are not doing it?

Vision – Google won’t show you the directions until you type in your destination!

The most important thing in life is having a vision. A vision is necessary because without setting a destination, you can never define the path on which you want to travel. You need to know what you want to do, and what you do not want to do! It is not at all a big problem if right now you are not sure about your vision or destination, you will find it out sooner or later, but the problem is being lost in unnecessary stuff like day and night usage of social media and getting addicted to it. This will keep you away from focussing on your destination.

If I tell you to walk straight to a point, you will start walking by setting your eyes to your destination. Even if I stand in your path, you’ll just go halfway around me and then travel towards your path. This is why the destination is more important than the path. If you know where you have to go, you will anyhow reach that point. But what if I just told you to go wherever you want to go without setting any proper destination and then suddenly stand in your path? You might deviate from the original destination and may travel to a new point or might even take a u-turn!

Give time to yourself daily and think about what you are good at and what you want to do. How to keep up your strengths and how to improve the areas in which you are weak. Break down your vision into several missions and objectives and start working on those objectives. It’ll surely help you in getting closer to what you want to do in your life. Just give yourself a start…the world is waiting for you!

Don’t let anyone tell you that you are average or you can’t do something!

You don’t have to settle on being average. Average is the new weak. You need to work smarter now. Protect your dream and work on it. The people who have always told you that you are weak at something, show them your potential. Don’t use words, show them your work…show them you are not weak or just average…show them that if you want to do something, you put your whole heart in it!

Why is it important to show others if you know that you are good enough? It is important because everyone needs a driving force, which pushes them to do great things in life, and these people who demotivate you, are the best motivational force! I want you to work smart and at least once…work on something with full passion, dedication and focus! No one can defeat you…you’ll conquer your dreams!

Do not complain!

Jim Carrey, JK Rowling, Tom Cruise, and Dhiru Bhai Ambani are just a few examples who had nothing but a lot of problems in life, but today they are role models for millions of people across the world!

Easiest thing in this world is to complain and it has increased with the sold-out media and an increase in fake forwards over Whatsapp! See your self in the mirror and then watch people in the streets who are homeless, who don’t know whether they’ll be able to have tonight’s dinner or not, who are born in a country where they are not sure if the next bomb may fall over there home or their school. Everyone has got problems buddy, but what you have got, millions of other kids just dream about it! Do not complain! Be thankful every day to nature and to your family and for your friends for whatever you have got!

You have got enough resources, what is missing is your dedication and focus! If you want to complain about something, complain about yourself and then try to improve yourself daily! Make a habit of learning something new daily. Develop a hunger for learning something new and good which will help you to grow and reach towards your destination.

Develop a few good habits, and leave a few bad ones!

Please please please use Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram as less as you can. Just calculate yourself and see for how many hours do you use these apps? If being a student, you are using it for less than half an hour a day, no need to listen to me, you are already doing great! If you are using it for more than that… Why? Don’t you have other things to do? What about reading books apart from your syllabus? What about your hobby? Do you exercise? Do you play any sport or just mobile and computer games? What was the latest movie/series that you watched and what was the latest TED talk or documentary that you watched? Have you ever heard or used Quora? You will know yourself what you are doing to your life and what you need to do after answering these questions.

Being cool is not posting on Facebook and Instagram with puppy filters and then waiting eagerly for comments and likes. Being cool is not getting high scores in mobile games and sharing the scores on social media. Being cool is to know about yourself and the stuff around you. Being cool is being healthy physically and mentally. Live in the moment and not in your mobile. Be cool and stop being a fool!

Last but not the least, push your self but not too much. Have you seen guitar strings? If you tie them softly, the sound will be awful and if you tie them too tightly, it will break! Same goes for you and me… we need to push ourselves to the right amount…neither too soft nor too tight…or else the result will not be melodious!

All the best,


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  1. Abhishek says:

    Impressed by your words Mr.CEO

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