Period. It’s a Beginning, or the End?

***Sensitive Content***

Many of you may not find yourself comfortable while reading this poetry. This one is regarding menstruation and the taboos that many people have attached to it.

So, if you are uncomfortable, you may either choose not to go ahead, or you may choose to read the poem and accept the natural process and practical problems of females around you.

Here are few articles which were on the top of google search while searching for menstruation related problems in India:

No access to menstrual hygiene is the fifth biggest killer of women in the world

India Today, 2019

23 Million Women Drop Out Of School Every Year When They Start Menstruating In India

NDTV, 2018

84% Indian girls not ready for menstruation, shame leads to poor hygiene

Business Standard, 2019

Let’s start…

Period! Its an end,
Not just for a sentence,
but also an end for many dreams.
How can a process of creation,
be an end to dreams and imagination.

Many think it to be a tabboo,
Even this poetry will be a big problem
for many people I know.
Many of us also think it to be a disease,
Understand this, that it is a natural process! Please!

Why do we have to react,
when we hear the words “period” or “pad”?
Why do we have to tease and they have to cry?
Why are we allowed to make fun and they are told to be shy?

When all of us should
support them in this pain,
We tell them to be at a separate place,
like they are animals tied with a chain.

They are declared as impure,
each month for a few days.
Many times, these days pass by,
but this behavior towards the women stays.

We need to understand,
that whatever things we hide from everyone,
are not actually hidden,
but become taboo or superstition.

Why feel shy to talk about it?
Why are the pads wrapped in paper or in black bag?
Why is the ink blue and not red in the ads?

Carving a road through this mountain,
will take some time.
Now, you need to share it to make this a part of our comfort zone, I am doing my part by writing these lines.

Period. It’s a beginning, not the end!

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  1. Hema khandelwal says:

    Yes… It’s the beginning not the end. .. Well done👏👏👏👏👏👏

  2. Elderaner says:

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