A Tribute to Teachers – Poetry

Here’s a tribute to all the teachers across the world. Share it with your teachers if you like it!

We all have heard:
Mother is the first teacher.
and, Time is the best teacher.

Teachers are always the one,
who have the highest places in our books,
But now a days,
We even judge our teacher by their looks!

Not only your school teacher,
or your college professor,
anything and everything around you,
can be your educator.

Guru in Hindi, Sensei in Japanese,
Professeur in French, Mestre in Portugese.
These may sound different, but meaning is same,
Teacher tells you the use of umbrella before it rains.

Teacher will never do the work for you,
but they will tell you, how to do,
their vision is to make you walk on your own,
Our mind becomes a fruitful plant,
only because of the seeds they have sown.

Long back, everyone had a thirst of learning,
Now, it is only limited till you start earning.
Earlier, we were ready to learn from anyone,
be it a human, a mountain, a tree or a cow,
but things have completely changed now!

Why we should be open to learning from anyone?
There’s a reason.
It kills our ego and arrogance, and makes us a better person.
Also, it open so many gates of knowledge,
which most of us lock, once we move out of college.

Curiosity, Liveliness, Friendship,
No one can teach you these better than a child, I bet!
Faithfulness and unconditional love,
are the things which we can learn from our pet.

Those who think, they know it all,
are residents of the ignorance hall,
Even the Gods had Gurus, who taught them life lessons,
Then, why are we ignoring this essential essence.

None of us will become small,
If we ask questions of the things we don’t know.
Infact, it will widen our knowledge,
and help our thinking to grow.

Be thankful to all the teachers around you,
because if you are reading this, it is because of them.
Always respect them,
They are the most precious gem!

– Vedant Khandelwal

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  1. Megha khandelwal says:

    Guru govind dou khade, kake lagu paay,
    Balihari guru aapne, govind diyo btay…

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