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Recently visited an old-age home with my father. It taught a lot to me. I've written about my experience and what you car learn from it.
exit sign hanging on ceiling in public area
If it is solving your problems, helping you in gaining back your mental health, keeping you and your loved ones happy, it is OKAY to EXIT!
Once you understand how your words affect someone's whole life, their decisions, their behaviour, their view about themselves and about the world, you will surely think before you speak. You will understand what really matters!
From a few days, I had thoughts about depression and my inner-self pushed me to write a poetry. Hope it'll too connect with you!
Here are a list of things which we are doing in the past few days and which you can also do to happily pass the remaining #lockdown days:
Depression is much more than feeling sad. Learn about it and how you can help yourself or your loved ones in fighting it. 1 in 4 of us will fight a mental health problem in any given year. That person can be your family member, your friend, any person you cross on the street or […]
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