Key to takeover the #Lockdown Fever!

This article is about Fun things to do in lockdown : activities to help kids and adults, since this has turned out to be a very depressing situation for many.

First of all, I hope all of you and your family members are doing well across the world! I wish you all good health and lots of power to stay strong in this time!

This #lockdown is turning out to be very depressing for many, especially for the ones who live alone. Spending close to a month, without going out, and adding to it, the news and the numbers of this virus spreading across the globe. These things can surely put you in depression.

Luckily for me, my friends and family have got unlimited ideas to bring freshness to each day and to make sure that we stay happy and busy. Here are a list of things which we are doing in the past few days and which you can also do to happily pass the remaining lockdown days:

Ultimate Use Of Whatsapp Group!

For many of you, the most annoying group in Whatsapp can be the family group, where you see multiple forwarded messages day and night, but this group has turned to be a golden key during this lockdown. Here are a list of things that we are doing in the family Whatsapp group to engage ourselves and it is turning out to be really awesome!


Samay Bitaane Ke Liye, Karna Hai kuch kaam…Shurur karo antakshari leke prabhu ka naam…

This has turned to be a life saver! Whatsapp audio message feature turns this virtual antakshari into a real one. Adding to it is the comments of family members on each other’s singing, missing lyrics, sarcastically melodious singing, and timer (tik tik one…tik tik two…). Try this one out, it will be a joy ride for each and every family member…since everyone can be a part of this game!

You can alter a few rules to avoid it to become monotonous, like singing your song from a word, selected from last player’s song’s last line, etc.

Creative Photography

You may ask everyone to share the most creative photo they can click in a days time. The important thing about this game is that this keeps you busy all day as you try to click a creative photograph which can get you lots of clapping emojis and Award winning gifs in the family group. 😉 😀

Here are a few creative photographs of my family group:

Tambola/ Housie

Each day, this game comes out with a newer version of itself and it is so fun!! Any one member can send photos of tickets for all the other members. This is a quick, easy and a for-all game. Even if you don’t have this board game, you may just click photos/take screenshots of tickets available online, and for numbers, there are several random number generators. Here are a few tickets:

The above mentioned three games are one of the best for all family groups, since each and everyone of all age groups can be part of these games, and you’ll have a good family-time! 🙂

Apart from these, there are several other games that we are playing which may not be suitable for all the age groups, like… Rapid Fire, writing a few lines for your partner, describing each other by their zodiac sign traits, etc

Do something you like but you didn’t have time for it!

There are so many things that you would have loved doing in your child hood or during college days but once you got busy in your life, you just forgot about these things. Now is the time to restart those things. Do whatever you loved. I did many things, one activity a day, and these days shall pass by quickly! Below are a few things that I did during last few days 😀



Playing Board Games

Flying Kite

Eating Healthy… which most of us miss due to hectic life!🙁

Play online games with friends! 😀 😎

This has been a lot of fun too! From Ludo to Carrom to all sort of games, this will surely be a joy ride. I am mentioning a few App links which I found out to be very interesting and full of fun!

Carrom Disc Pool – Click here to download

Houseparty – I found the drawing game very interesting in this app – Click here to download

Ludo King – Click here to download

Hago – This is turning out to be one of the best apps, since there are so many games in a single app. including Carrom – Click here to download

So, that’s it till today (02.04.2020). Lets see what surprises are waiting for the next 10-12 days! Be safe, take care of your self and your family!

Please take one day at a time and things will be okay! I hope this article was helpful! Share with us, what you are doing during this lockdown, which may help others! 🙂

– Vedant Khandelwal

Checkout my poetry to thank all the police, healthcare workers, cleaners and all the other frontliners – Click Here!


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    Wow… Genius u r and ur creative mind as well… Keep writing and give smile on our face…

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