My 10000 days on Earth!

Today I have completed 10000 days on Earth! The most important part of this blog is, celebrating even the smallest things in life! My parents told me that the day I was born, there was a curfew imposed in my hometown, Mirzapur…and unfortunately today when I am completing my 10,000 days on Earth, we all are locked down! But nothing can stop us from spreading positivity around us!

I wanted to take you on a short tour of my 10000 days, but most of my life experiences till the age of 25 are already shared in my book, Single Rule For Success. It was a wonderful journey till now and I am sure the remaining days will also be equally or even more wonderful! I would not change a single event from my life till date, because it has made me what I am, and given me what I have, and I am thankful for everything!

One of my most favorite poem is Life and Death (click here to read and click here to watch), which is very close to my heart.

I have poured all my emotions in this poem particularly and most of you loved it! This will take you on a tour and each one of you will be able to connect yourself with this poem! 🙂

The two most simple yet powerful things that I have learnt till now is that:

  1. Brain is dumb as well as
  2. Brain is very powerful.

I know it may sound very confusing, but the meaning of the above two statements is that if you make your mind to do something with full positivity, your brain is so dumb that you can easily drive however you want, as well as it is so powerful that you can achieve anything that you wish for.

Here’s a map of things that I have done till last year;

It’s not that I have done a lot of things because I had a lot of time or luck. Each one of us get equal number of time each day to spend as per our own plans. Just to make you feel comfortable, I didn’t even score 70% in my 10th and 12th boards exam, for which students work so hard and then expect so much! Most of the students think that these exams are the final thing and if they fail or do not score well, they have disappointed themselves and their parents! It is not so! Whole life is waiting for you to do great things!

Help as much people as you can, expect less from the world and be positive!

One more thing, try to focus more on your self, your innerself, it will surely make you a better person! I understand that one of the perk of being a human is to do back-bitching, but try to stop it and if not completely, that atleast try to reduce it, and focus more on your innerself. Here’s my view on how important is your body (click here to read) in a poetic way.

The one word that I would like to share on my 10000th day is GRATITUDE! I hope at least one of the reader of this blog develops a habit of showing gratitude towards each everything he/she has today! We have started taking things in granted, more and more each day.

Vedant Khandelwal

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  1. priyanka khandelwal says:

    Congratulations vedant for completing wonderful 10000 days on this beautiful Earth… U already have done so much in ur life till today and still so much left to do… Beautifully written,,..

  2. Pallavi says:

    Very well written Vedant…good to see positivity in tough times….hope it brings change in others as well! 😊

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