What If… Today Is The Last Day?

What if… Today is the last day?
What would you do?

Would you worry about who’ll miss you and who may not?
Or would you cry for the whole day, thinking life was too short?

Would you be happy that finally it’s an end to all the miseries?
Or would you google for hours about the life after death mystery?

How would you explain it to your family?
Will a single day be enough to share your feelings?
Would you enjoy the last day to create a last happy memory?
Or would you be stressed all day and make this day too as ordinary?

What if… Today is the last day?
What would you do?

Would you live-stream this?
And earn money from this opportunity?
Or would you invest all your money in crypto?
Because you just wanted to do this insanity?

Would you do drugs and pass out?
Or would you be awake till the last second?
Or would you just be with your loved one?
Eyes in eyes, hand in hand?

Would you keep watching the time again and again as it flies?
Or would you throw your watch away, and let yourself rule the time this time?

Would you set meetings for pending things for a final closure?
Or would you write a book about your experience and exposure?

What if… Today is the last day?
What would you do?

Would you pray all day?
What would be that about?
Would you ask for forgiveness for all your ill words and works?
Or would you ask for happiness of all those who will stay?
Or would you just want peace and chose to meditate?

Would you die from inside before you actually die?
Or would you go out to see the last sunset, white cresent moon and orange sky?

Would you be satisfied by the life you lived?
Or from the works you did?
The relations you built?
Or would you have a long list of wishes which you could now never complete?

What if… Today is the last day?
What would you do?

Would you fight with your loved one on the last night?
Or would you not dare to do it?
Would you not make a call to your parents just to listen to their voice?
Would you care to do it?

Last day is never easy,
Be it school, college, office or home.
Burden of memories and pressure of the new role ahead,
But we get along.

We get along whatever comes in life,
We will get along whatever comes after life too.
Let yourself not just be a visitor checking out.
Make a difference, let the world remember you.

Tell your feelings to the people around you, you never know what will happen the next moment. Life is unpredictable.

Let me know your thoughts in comment section.

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2 Responses

  1. Megha khandelwal says:

    Seriously, it’s just impossible to choose… There r so many questions,if today is the last day .. happy moments, sad moments, friends family enemies, saare thoughts ek sath aayenge… That’s y death is always unpredictable, Nd it always should b..

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