Life after Death

Here’s my idea of Life after Death, which will take you to a different world of “after- death” experiences. Let me know if you liked it!

Don’t want to read? Listen to this poetry here –

It was in and around me
The darkness had covered me like a shield
Like an armor protecting it’s knight
Like a body protecting it’s soul

I was freely flowing
Everywhere I wanted to fly… like Air
Like cold water… which can carve mountains
Like hot fire… which can burn down anything in it’s path

People said, you have been freed from everything…
Is it so? Does only your body keeps you attached?
Or is it the world? Or is it your name tag?

I have lived with this name for last 73 years,
and will remain immortal for generations to come…
But will they actually remember me after a few weeks?

Let me tell you how I ended up where I’m right now…
There’s no white light and no doors to heaven,
I was sleeping, and suddenly stopped breathing,
People around me thought I’m still sleeping, and they were partially correct,
because I was in a sleep, but it was the one, from which no one gets up.

I was still there for some time, inside my body…
Because I didn’t want to leave.
There are so many attachments, how can you leave everything abruptly?
And then there was a phase change that I don’t remember, when I was outside the body,
Seeing myself lying on the bed, in the most peaceful sleep.

This is the first time when I’ve seen myself like this, 
and it is the last one too!
People who use to call me by my name,
are now calling me a “body”, 
so they do know that I was not just the “body”,
it was just a suit for me to survive in this world.

I was Hindu by religion, and so my body will be burnt…
I would prefer not to see this, and try to leave this world!

There ain’t another soul here, unlike the last world I was in…
I’m all alone, and I will be until my time comes…
Time for rebirth, time to time travel back to the world where I came from.

I’ll be losing all the memories and undergo hibernation,
Then one day I’ll suddenly see the light again!

It’s really painful… this life and death…
First you got nothing, then your are attached to everything,
and then you are brought far once again…
and the cycle goes on!

Thanks for reading the part two of my poetry – Life and Death! If you haven’t read it yet, click this link and I’m sure you will love it –


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  1. Megha khandelwal says:

    It’s beautiful… This is like a movie… It’s fantastically written… There is nothing permanent… Live,laugh,give happiness as much as u can…

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