The Art of Getting What You Want!

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I asked multiple people that what are those two things, which matter the most to them in life, the two things which help them sustain themselves, the two things which they want to be perfect… and most common answer was Relationships and Career.

Now the second question was that, what do they do to make these two most important things perfect? Do they focus more on it? Do they do something extra on daily basis just so that these two things can improve? Do they put their heart into it? What was the last thing which they did with full passion and dedication? What was the last thing which they did only for themselves and the thing which they love to do? The answers were really depressing!

Did you asked these questions to yourself? If not, do it right now! How was it? If you are doing something in addition to your daily activity, that’s GREAT! If you are not doing anything, how do you think will these things improve? Magic never happens from thin air, the illusion behind the magic takes hours of practice!

The most important things which I feel in each and every phase of life are – Confidence, Content and Communication!

Whether you are a student, an employee, an employer, home maker, unemployed or retired person, these things will help you in each and every stage of life! Trust me, because this is something which I have learnt from my own experience and which I have told to many people and seen the positive change in them!

The best part about my 3C theory is that it works even if you have only 1 of the C strong enough. You do not need to have all the three Cs to be successful, you can work on the other two Cs and make it stronger with time.

Talking about Relationships, be it parent-child, siblings, couples, teacher – students, employer – employee, or any other relationship in this world. The most important thing is Communication. The worst relationships gain trust and live happily once they start communicating with each other. Communication has build many bridges in this world! Try for yourself, talk to the people around you, your family members, your friends, colleagues or even your pets! Talking to pets has reduced depression in many cases!

Talking about Career, all the three Cs are required here! You need to be confident in whatever you do. Do not be shy about things which do not matter at workplace, your work should define you, and not anything else! Content is another very important thing here! You should know what you are doing and get yourself updated on regular basis. This helps in getting to greater heights! Communication part you must have already understood from above paragraph!

Do let me know the things, which hold you back from being successful in your work, we will work out together! All the best and I wish you achieve whatever you wish for!

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