“I’m breathing now…” – The Earth

A message from Earth to us! To watch the video click the link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fv7XZ7g3qMA&t=3s

I’m breathing again now!

Again, after decades…

Just like the big fish that comes out of the water,

after hours lying under the surface.

It is a bit nostalgic though,

The air, the water and and everything else.

I’ve definitely missed it!

The fresh greenery… Oh! I love the way it smells,

But my friends are getting lesser and lesser,

each time whenever I’m allowed to breath,

here are more of those who cut and eat,

and less of those who sow and reap!

I may be huge,

carrying around the weight of billions of those who harm me and are filthy.

But I can not use my powers to control them,

Because it will harm billion others who help me stay healthy.

You are spending trillions to clean me,

but what is required, is just a small break,

A break from everything,

A break to let me just breath!

Within a month’s time, the rivers are clean,

The forests are green,

Wildlife is roaming all around,

Since the most dangerous animals are locked down!

I am just counting my last few days,

after which I’ll be buried down under, again for decades.

Sometimes I ask to myself, Why is it me, who has to surrender?

When it is you who makes all the blunder!

You cover me with plastic bags and poisonous gases…

You attack me with acid day and night!

You call all this a crime when it is against you,

But what about me?

Who has provided you the whole space for free?

I am not weak!

If I sneeze, few of your houses will fall down and and rest will suffer flood.

and if I cough, lava will flow across and your cities will become mud.

But the rivers, the forests, the animals and everything except you,

We want to live in harmony! We again give you a chance, fresh and new!

In the end, we all have a hope,

which makes us wait for a better tomorrow!

We hope you understand the importance of living happily in harmony,

and keep us all away from a future of sorrow!

A message from Earth!

– Vedant Khandelwal

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  1. Shivangi says:

    This is beautifully penned down by you.

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